Timothy Nailer

Timothy Nailer

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Humanities

Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

Tim Nailer is a Master of Philosophy candidate in the Department of Philosophy. His thesis project is on the boundaries of moral agency.

Tim has experience teaching at the secondary and University levels as well as experience in student and academic administration.

Tim has recently completed his Master's thesis on the topic of moral agency. It focuses on the boundary conditions of moral agency and it intersects with work on free will, moral responsibility, and moral psychology.

Tim has taught into courses across four departments, generally on topics relating to applied ethics, including the courses below:

  • ANAT SC 3500 - Ethics, Science and Society (tutoring)
  • MEDIC ST 1103A - Medical Professional and Personal Development (tutoring in the the medical ethics component)
  • PHIL 1101 - Argument and Critical Thinking (tutoring)
  • PHIL 1102 - Mind and World (tutoring)
  • PHIL 1103 - Morality, Society and the Individual (lecturing and tutoring)
  • PHIL 1110 - Introduction to Logic (lecturing)
  • PHIL 2039 - Moral Problems (lecturing and tutoring)
  • PHIL 2040 - Metaphysics (tutoring)
  • POLI 2097 - Bioethics Policy (course coordination, lecturing, and tutoring)

Tim also has experience teaching at the Primary and Secondary levels, including SACE Philosophy, as well as teaching Critical Thinking for the University of Adelaide College's Foundation Studies and Pre-Masters Programs.

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