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Timothy March
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School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
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Dr Timothy March

Research Interests

Agriculture, Crop and Pasture Improvement, Plant Developmental and Reproductive Biology, Quantitative Genetics


Year Citation
2017 Honsdorf, N., March, T. & Pillen, K. (2017). QTL controlling grain filling under terminal drought stress in a set of wild barley introgression lines. A. Zhang (Ed.). PLoS ONE, 12, 10, 1-18.
2017 Sadohara, R., Iwami, A., Kajiwara, Y., Takashita, H., March, T., Coventry, S. ... Eglinton, J. (2017). Genetic analysis of barley for Shochu quality. Journal of Cereal Science, 74, 174-182.
2017 Obsa, B., Eglinton, J., Coventry, S., March, T., Guillaume, M., Le, T. ... Fleury, D. (2017). Quantitative trait loci for yield and grain plumpness relative to maturity in three populations of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) grown in a low rain-fall environment. PLoS ONE, 12, 5, e0178111-1-e0178111-17.
2016 Cu, S., Collins, H., Betts, N., March, T., Janusz, A., Stewart, D. ... Fincher, G. (2016). Water uptake in barley grain: physiology; genetics and industrial applications. Plant Science, 242, 260-269.
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2016 Obsa, B., Eglinton, J., Coventry, S., March, T., Langridge, P. & Fleury, D. (2016). Genetic analysis of developmental and adaptive traits in three doubled haploid populations of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 129, 6, 1-13.
2016 Cu, S., March, T., Degner, S. & Eglinton, J. (2016). Identification of novel alleles from wild barley for the improvement of alpha-amylase and related malt quality traits. K. Pillen (Ed.). Plant Breeding, 135, 6, 663-670.
2015 Kitimu, S., Taylor, J., March, T., Tairo, F., Wilkinson, M. & Rodriguez Lopez, C. (2015). Meristem micropropagation of cassava (Manihot esculenta) evokes genome-wide changes in DNA methylation. Frontiers in Plant Science, 6, Aug, 590-1-590-12.
2014 Honsdorf, N., March, T., Hecht, A., Eglinton, J. & Pillen, K. (2014). Evaluation of juvenile drought stress tolerance and genotyping by sequencing with wild barley introgression lines. Molecular Breeding, 34, 3, 1475-1495.
2014 Honsdorf, N., March, T., Berger, B., Tester, M. & Pillen, K. (2014). High-throughput phenotyping to detect drought tolerance QTL in wild barley introgression lines. T. Zhang (Ed.). PLoS One, 9, 5, e97047-1-e97047-13.
2012 March, T., Richter, D., Colby, T., Harzen, A., Schmidt, J. & Pillen, K. (2012). Identification of proteins associated with malting quality in a subset of wild barley introgression lines. Proteomics, 12, 18, 2843-2851.
2011 Schmalenbach, I., March, T., Bringezu, T., Waugh, R. & Pillen, K. (2011). High-resolution genotyping of wild barley introgression lines and fine-mapping of the threshability locus thresh-1 using the Illumina GoldenGate assay. G3, Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 1, 3, 187-196.
2008 March, T., Able, J., Willsmore, K., Schultz, C. & Able, A. (2008). Comparative mapping of a QTL controlling black point formation in barley. Functional Plant Biology, 35, 5, 427-437.
2007 March, T., Able, J., Schultz, C. & Able, A. (2007). A novel late embryogenesis abundant protein and peroxidase associated with black point in barley grains. Proteomics, 7, 20, 3800-3808.

Book Chapters

Year Citation
2014 Crowe, M., March, T. & Tilbrook, J. (2014). Whole-plant phenomics. In J. Kumlehn & N. Stein (Eds.), Biotechnological approaches to barley improvement (pp. 409-426). Germany: Springer.

Conference Papers

Year Citation
2017 Ferrante, A., Zerner, M., Leske, B., Biddulph, B. & March, T. (2017). Differences in yield physiology in wheat cultivars grown under frost-prone field conditions in Southern Australia. The 18th Australian Agronomy Conference. Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
2016 Goonetilleke, S. N., Croxford, A. E., Wirthensohn, M. G., March, T. J. & Mather, D. E. (2016). Molecular markers for high-throughput detection of a self-fertility (Sf) allele in almond. Floral structure and Self-incompatibility. Murcia. Spain.
2015 Zerner, M. C., March, T., Eglinton, J. & Biddulph, B. (2015). Use of chemical protective products to change the ability of wheat to tolerate frost. 17th Australian Society of Agronomy Conference. Hobart, Australia.
2005 March, T., Schultz, C., Able, J. & Able, A. (2005). Finding proteins involved with black point of barley using proteomics. Australian Barley Technical Symposium (Hobart, Tasmania). Hobart, Tasmania.
2004 March, T., Lahnstein, J., Schultz, C., Able, J. & Able, A. (2004). Using a proteomics approach to unravel the biochemical mechanisms of barley black point symptom development. ComBio. Perth.
2003 Hadaway, T., March, T. & Able, A. (2003). The involvement of peroxidases in the formation of black point in barley. Australian Barley Technical Symposium Conference. Hobart, Tasmania.
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