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Dr Thushari Atapattu Mudiyanselage

Thushari Atapattu Mudiyanselage
Research Associate
School of Computer Science
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

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Dr Thushari Atapattu Mudiyanselage

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD (as Co-Supervisor) — email supervisor to discuss availability.

I am a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Computer Science Education Research Group. My research focuses on better understanding the latent discourse aspects in large corpora of natural language text, and using this understanding to build computational models that can improve human learning process and address other social concerns such as cyberbullying. My research interests lie in the areas of text mining, natural language processing, discourse processing, and educational technology.


Date Position Institution name
2017 Lecturer University of Adelaide
2015 Post-doctoral Research Fellow University of Adelaide
2010 - 2015 Software Engineer Globe Medical

Awards and Achievements

Date Type Title Institution Name Country Amount
2017 Award Adelaide Women's Research Excellence Award University of Adelaide Australia $5000
2015 Recognition Dean's Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence University of Adelaide Australia
2013 Nomination Google Anita Borg scholarship Google
2012 Award Google PhD Travel Award Google $2500
2011 Scholarship University of Adelaide PhD scholarship University of Adelaide Australia


Date Institution name Country Title
2011 - 2014 University of Adelaide Australia Doctor of Philosophy
2004 - 2008 University of Colombo Sri Lanka Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)

Research Interests


Year Citation
2017 Atapattu, T., Falkner, K., & Falkner, N. (2017). A comprehensive text analysis of lecture slides to generate concept maps. Computers and Education, 115, 96-113.
DOI Scopus7 WoS6

Book Chapters

Conference Papers

Year Citation
2016 Atapattu Mudiyanselage, T., & Falkner, K. (2016). A framework for topic generation and labeling from MOOC discussions. In Proceedings of the Third (2016) ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale (pp. 201-204). NY, USA: ACM New York.
DOI Scopus1
2016 Atapattu Mudiyanselage, T., Falkner, K., & Tarmazdi, H. (2016). Topic-wise classification of MOOC discussions: a visual analytics approach. In T. Barnes, M. Chi, & M. Feng (Eds.), Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (pp. 276-281). Raleigh, NC, USA: IEDMS.
2015 Atapattu, T., Falkner, K., & Falkner, N. (2015). Educational question answering motivated by question-specific concept maps. In C. Conati, N. Heffernan, A. Mitrovic, & M. F. Verdejo (Eds.), Artificial Intelligence in Education, 17th International Conference, AIED 2015 Vol. 9112 (pp. 13-22). Madrid, Spain: Springer.
DOI Scopus2 WoS1
2015 Atapattu, T., Falkner, K. E., & Falkner, N. (2015). Task-adapted concept map scaffolding to support quizzes in an online environment. In Proceedings of the 2015 ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education Vol. 2015-June (pp. 272-277). Vilnius, Lithuania: Association for Computing Machinery.
DOI Scopus1
2014 Atapattu Mudiyanselage, T., Falkner, K., & Falkner, N. (2014). Evaluation of concept importance in concept maps mined from lecture notes: computer vs human. In S. Zvacek, M. T. Restivo, J. Uhomoibhi, & M. Helfert (Eds.), Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Computer Supported Education Vol. 2 (pp. 75-84). Barcelona, Spain: SciTePress.
DOI Scopus5
2014 Atapattu Mudiyanselage, T., Falkner, K., & Falkner, N. (2014). Acquisition of triples of knowledge from lecture notes: a natural language processing approach. In Stamper, J., Pardos, Z., & M. Mavrikis (Eds.), Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (pp. 193-196). London, United Kingdom: International Educational Data Mining Society (IEDMS).
2012 Atapattu Mudiyanselage, T., Falkner, K., & Falkner, N. (2012). Automated extraction of semantic concepts from semi-structured data: supporting computer-based education through the analysis of lecture notes. In Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, DEXA 2012 Vol. 7446 LNCS (pp. 161-175). Germany: Springer-Verlag.
DOI Scopus5

Conference Items

Year Citation
2012 Atapattu Mudiyanselage, T. (2012). Automated generation of practice questions from semi-structured lecture notes. Poster session presented at the meeting of Proceedings of the ninth annual international conference on International computing education research. Auckland, New Zealand.

K. Falkner, R. Vivian and T. Atapattu, Understanding the relationship between social community formation and progression within MOOC environments, Research Contract, Google Australia, $37,687 (2017).

2017 (Semester 1): COMP SCI 7098 - Master of Computing & Innovation Project

2017 (Semester 2): COMP SCI 1106 - Introduction to Software Engineering

Current Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
2018 Co-Supervisor Predict Student Behavior and Provide Supplementary Feedback to Increase the Student Engagement through Learning Analytics Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Miss Lavendini Sivaneasharajah
2017 Co-Supervisor Natural Language Processing Techniques for large scale learning Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Miss Menasha Thilakaratne


Date Role Membership Country
2016 - ongoing Society for Learning Analytics Research (SOLAR)
2014 - ongoing International Educational Data Mining Society (IEDM)
2014 - ongoing Member International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society (IAIED)
Research Associate
8313 4366
North Terrace
Ingkarni Wardli, floor 4
Room Number
4 46
Org Unit
School of Computer Science