Tanya Duckworth

Miss Tanya Duckworth

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

PhD Candidate (Medicine); Casual Academic

School of Psychology

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

My academic background is in creative arts (visual arts, design & music), cognitive neuroscience (neuropsychology & neurophysiology) and psychology. I am completing my PhD in Medicine (Neuroscience) through the Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, School of Psychology & Adelaide Medical School.

My project aims to investigate the neural mechanisms of creativity and the effects on cognitive outcomes including the potentially protective effects against cognitive decline and neurodegeneration in people with PTSD.

I have 12-years combined experience working in research administration, data collection and coordination as an AA (UNSW), RA (UNSW & USYD) and currently Lab Manager in the Applied Cognition and Experimental Psychology Lab and the Stellar Psychology Lab (Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources) at the University of Adelaide. I am also a Chief Investigator and Associate Investigator on several endometriosis research projects at Macquarie University.

Research interests:

In addition to the neural mechanisms of creativity and trauma, I also have a strong interest in endometriosis research, particularly in extra-pelvic endometriosis involving the nerves, brain and cognitive impact of the disease; overall disease aetiology and treatment efficacy. I am an "Endo Champion" (an endometriosis advocate) for Endometriosis Australia; and a collaborator on multiple endometriosis research projects at Macquarie University, roles as an Associate Investigator on the BEKind Study (Body Image and Psychological Wellbeing in Women with Endometriosis), endometriosis NHMRC grant applications, and a Chief Investigator on the Endometriosis Australia grant funded project ENDOTEXT (now EndoSMS) led by Professor Kerry Sherman. I am also a peer reviewer of endometriosis and neuroscience research at several journals.

2020 Endometriosis Australia Research Grant, ENDOTEXT - Chief Investigator

2012 NHMRC/ARC Strategic Award Grant, The Older Australian Twins Study - Named as Researcher 

2020 Casual Academic at the University of Adelaide

2019 Casual Academic at the University of Sydney


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