Tania Pullin

Ms Tania Pullin

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

Postgraduate Student

School of Physical Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

Tania graduated from Bachelor of Science (Advanced) with a double major in chemistry at the University of Adelaide with a GPA of 6.452. She is currently undertaking a Master of Philosophy by mixed coursework and research at the University of Adelaide under the supervision of Professor Chris Sumby and Professor Christian Doonan. Her project is titled "biomineralisation of biocompatible metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)" and involves the attempted encapsulation of biomolecules such as enzymes within a MOF structure so as to protect against harsh external conditions that would otherwise lead to denaturation.

My research involves the encapsulation of biomolecules such as enzymes within metal-organic frameworks or coordination polymers via the biomimetic mineralisation method.

Tania has demonstrated 1st year Chemistry practical sessions

  • Position: Postgraduate Student
  • Email: tania.pullin@adelaide.edu.au
  • Fax: 83134380
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Johnson Laboratories
  • Org Unit: Chemistry

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