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Stephen Muecke

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Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD - email supervisor to discuss availability.

I am a cultural theorist and writer. Much of my ethnographic work has been in the West Kimberley with the Goolarabooloo people. My collaboration with Bruno Latour has resulted in a special edition of New Literary History (“Recomposing the Humanities—with Bruno Latour”), 2016. I have translated two books by Isabelle Stengers: Another Science is Possible, and (Stengers with Tobie Nathan), Doctors and Healers (both with Polity, 2018).

My most recent book is The Mother’s Day Protest and Other Fictocritical Essays (RLI, 2016). I also work on cultural theory, with I have a long record of work with Indigenous people (a new edition of Paddy Roe’s Gularabulu: Stories from the West Kimberley appeared with UWA Publishing, 2016), and current research involves ethnographic documentation of Goolaraboolo country north of Broome.

I welcome inquiries from Masters and PhD candidates interested in fictocritical writing, cultural theory and Indigenous Australian studies.

My current projects include:

  • Goolarabooloo Culture of the Western Kimberley (ARC Discovery Project funded from 2014)

With the prospect of new industries, starting with a major gas plant, the Indigenous population of Broome finds itself under pressure and internally divided. The group to be studied here, Goolarabooloo, is opposed to mining on their Dreaming. Their struggle has had the effect of reviving forms of culture, that take
contemporary shape, but are always strongly linked to the traditional culture. With national and international attention focussed on Goolarabooloo, this study will analyse the transformation of this confederacy of language groups in the context of industrialisation and tourism. The output will be a first in ethnographic
documentation of this culture, first recorded by Daisy Bates in 1901.

  • Translocal Reading: Southern Site-specific Literary and Cultural Analysis (Discovery application for ARC funding starting in 2020, with 4 colleagues)

This project aims to elaborate a theoretical framework for translocal literary and cultural analysis with innovative methods. The translocal proposes a way of reading that is a potent alternative to northern hemisphere models of  analysis, opening up new pathways among literatures and cultures from southern regions in relation to Australia. Our research aims to demonstrate that understanding the contexts and forms of poetry and fiction requires
networks of site-specific knowledges. Expected outcomes of the project include the exploration of new literary regions, new interpretive techniques, and a model of translocal reading that enables contemporary and traditional texts from the south to constructively dialogue with each other.

  • Cultivating the Arts of Paying (Discovery application for ARC funding starting in 2020, with 4 colleagues)

The Project aims to discover new modes of paying attention. It argues that the dominant cognitive or communicative paradigm for the analysis of attention can be superseded by an ecological analysis not founded on a subject/object binary. Paying attention is not just a human capacity as modes of attention are distributed in a plurality of multi-species environments. Some are regulated and commodified and others are aesthetically innovative. The study will generate new knowledge across three strands: paying attention to Indigenous country, literary close-reading and social media. We expect these empirical studies to test and describe practical techniques for paying attention as valuable skills structured in human-environment interactions.

  • Interpreting Australia’s Indigenous Heritage Trails (Linkage application for ARC funding starting in 2019, with one colleague and industry partners)

This project will carry out a national survey of Indigenous heritage trails in Australia, documenting this growing phenomenon, then carrying out research into the best ways of enhancing their performance as tourism products. Preliminary research on one of the pioneering trails (the Lurujarri Heritage Trail, W.A.) indicates that they are multi-functional: they provide an immersive tourism experience; they are implicitly pedagogical (for all participants) and explicitly so if students are participating as part of their course-work; they sustain Aboriginal heritage and enhance inter-generational knowledge transfer and well-being; and they are small business ventures for the organisers.

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  • Original Creative Works

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    2019 Publication status: Published
    Title: Untitled
    Authors: Muecke S
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    ISBN-10: 1478002883
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    Title of Outlet: The Hundreds
    Extent: 100
    Abstract: The Hundreds includes four indexes in which Andrew Causey, Susan Lepselter, Fred Moten, and Stephen Muecke each respond with their own compositional, conceptual, and formal staging of the worlds of the book.
    Source URL:
    Keywords: Social Science
    Other output evidence: file:///
    Verification-status: Verified
    Record created at source: 16 April 2019
    2015 Publication status: Published
    NTRO sub category: 3 Written work
    Title: A Diplomat for the History Wars
    Authors: Muecke S
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    Journal: Text
    Title of Outlet: Text : Special Issue website series
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    ERA Research Statement - 2000 character limit: Fictocritical piece exploring the 'history wars' using Indigenous oral literary style
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    Record created at source: 5 September 2017
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  • Recorded/Rendered Creative Works

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    2014 Publication status: Published online
    NTRO sub category: 1 Audio/Visual Recording
    Title: Sunset Ethnography
    Authors: Burton A
    Publisher: Kurrajong Films
    Place of publication: Sydney
    Publication date: 2014
    Extent: 52 mins
    ERA Research Statement - 2000 character limit: Important exploration of 'experimental ethnography' with Michael Taussig, taking place in Broome, W.A.
    Source URL:
    Other output evidence:
    Verification-status: Verified
    Record created at source: 5 September 2017
Date Project Number Investigators Funding Body Amount
2014 - 2016 DP140101459 Stephen Muecke and PI Carsten Wergin ARC $264,511
2013 - 2015 DP130104571 Prof S Muecke, Dr. Erin Brannigan, Prof Edward Scheer ARC $210,000


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