Stefan Court-Kowalski

Stefan Court-Kowalski

Health and Medical Sciences Faculty Office

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Stefan is a final year medical student and PhD candidate in the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide.
His research interests include the molecular pathology of brain tumours and other neurosurgical conditions. He received his Bachelor of Medical Science in 2013, and was awarded First Class Honours for his thesis entitled 'Investigating pathways of blood-brain barrier breakdown in selected pathological states: radiofrequency radiation and mechanical trauma'.

He is now completing his PhD evaluating the potential of repurposed NMDA receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals as therapy for primary brain cancer.


Doctoral thesis: Aquaporin inhibition as a novel therapeutic strategy for glioblastoma
Supervisors: Prof Robert Vink, Dr Emma Thornton, Dr Elizabeth Harford-Wright
Translational Neuropathology Laboratory

Stefan's work is funded by the Neurosurgical Research Foundation, supported by the Lightsview/SAPOL 'Ride Like Crazy' fundraiser event. He is also the recipient of the NRF Dean Bowden Memorial Brain Cancer Scholarship.

Stefan has experience as a scheduled demonstrator for numerous anatomy courses, including Applied Anatomy of Cranial Nerves by Dissection (ANAT SC 3108), Functional Human Neuroanatomy (ANAT SC 3103), Functional Human Anatomy (ANAT SC 2200), and the anatomy sessions for Year 1 and 2 medical students (MEDIC ST 1101/2101). He is also a Case-Based Learning tutor for medical students and teaching assistant in Essentials of Neuroscience (HEALTH SC 1001) and Essentials of Pathology (PATHOL 3003).

In addition, he has been extensively involved with extracurricular peer-education initiatives within the Adelaide Medical School, including the Pathology Society's tutorial program, the Student Society's Peer-2-Peer program, and the Surgical Society's Anatomy Series.

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