Stacey Tabert

Stacey Tabert

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

Adelaide Business School

Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

Stacey joined the Adelaide Business School in August 2023 as a PhD student working on an End Food Waste Australia PhD project examining responsible food management in the Australian tourism industry. Stacey’s research focuses on understanding the drivers and challenges to reducing food waste in tourism and will contribute to management theory and practices related to responsible food waste management in the hospitality and food service sector (HAFS). This project will advance knowledge by understanding the practices impacting food waste, evaluating the current effectiveness of food waste management, and identifying new models for achieving the National Food Waste Strategy goal of achieving a 60% reduction in food waste across hospitality by 2030. Aligned with the national strategy, project insights will inform policies and interventions to help reduce food waste in tourism, benefiting the hospitality sector and the nation.

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