Sindy Millington

Sindy Millington

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

Adelaide Medical School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Sindy consolidated her cardiovascular and critical care nursing experience both nationally and internationally the last 35 years and has taught in the post graduate nursing programs, and maintained community service as past secretary role in ACRA-SA.
Sindy's past clinical experience was as an associate clinical service coordinator and clinical nurse at the RAH Cardiothoracic Intensive Care unit, where she coordinated staff development programs.
As Clinical Title Holder at the University of Adelaide Sindy lectured both the Cardiac and ICU post graduate courses on the topics "Cardiac surgery" and "IABP therapy" for a number of years.
As an academic lecturer level A for 3 years at the University of South Australia Sindy taught in both the undergraduate, post graduate and transnational programs.
In 2010 she presented as one of the invited speaker at Malaysia's First Cardiac Nursing Conference organised by Institut Jantung Negara {IJN} on the following :
 'Applications for the Da Vinci Surgical System in Cardiovascular Surgery'
 'Australian Nurses role with Extra Corporeal Membranous Oxygenation (ECMO)'
As a Level B Academic lecturer at the University of Adelaide, Sindy taught in the Intensive Care and Acute Care Master of Nursing Science programs.
At the same time she commenced her PhD study program at the University of Adelaide, with a focus on exploring the current provision of evidence based practice, and clinical outcomes for women with cardiovascular disease in pregnancy.

Project 1. Doctor of Philosophy in progress.  

Title : A Mother’s heart beats for two: to evaluate the current provision of evidence-based practice, and clinical outcomes for women with cardiovascular disease during pregnancy.

The initial comprehensive review of the literature clarified the broad spectrum of cardiac conditions seen in pregnancy,and helped identify clinical indicators that would inform the retrospective medical record review. The published discursive paper situates the research, and discusses women with cardiac conditions in pregnancy, their changing status and the role of midwives.


A cross-sectional cohort study that measured adherence to South Australia Perinatal Guidelines (SAPPGs)  for women with pre-existent ,and newly acquired heart disease during pregnancy. The study is in process of completion. The retrospective medical record data was extracted with an online clinical audit tool by Auditmaker®.

This study aims to evaluate three public hospitals’ adherence to the SAPPGs. There are specific objectives of the study, such as measuring the adherence to guidelines for women with pre-existent and newly acquired heart disease/condition during pregnancy, identifying predictors of quality of care and the clinical outcomes. The research will  make comparisons across the three clinical practice settings. The clinical implications are to provide a basis for further research that improves the continuum of care for women with cardiac disease in pregnancy.   

Trial registration: ACTRN12617000417381

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  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2011 - 2020 Clinical Specialty Coordinator -(Acute and Intensive Care Nursing) University of Adelaide
    2009 - 2011 Academic lecturer level A University of South Australia
    1998 - 1998 Associate Clinical Service Co-ordinator/ Clinical Nurse Royal Adelaide Hospital
    1994 - 1998 RN Level 1 Royal Adelaide Hospital
    1993 - 1994 RN Level 1 Nursing Specialist Bureau
    1988 - 1993 Clinical Nurse Level 2 Ashford Community Hospital
    1984 - 1987 RN Level 1 Royal Adelaide Hospital
    1980 - 1983 Staff Nurse Level 1 Mount Elizabeth Hospital
    1978 - 1979 Staff Nurse Level 1 St John of God Hospital
    1977 - 1978 Staff Nurse Level 1 Hollywood Repatriation Hospital
    1976 - 1977 Community Public Health Nurse Department of Community Health
    1976 - 1976 Staff Nurse Level 1 Fremantle Hospital
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    University of Adelaide Australia Masters of Nursing Science: Cardiac Nursing
    University of Adelaide Australia Bachelor of Arts
  • Certifications

    Date Title Institution name Country
    Certificate 1V in Workplace Training and Assessment TafeSA Australia
    Critical Care Course Royal Adelaide Hospital Australia
    12 Month Midwifery program King Edward Hospital for Women Western Australia
    General Nurses Training Queen Elizabeth Hospital Australia
  • Research Interests

Post graduate :

Course coordination / teaching in Intensive and Acute Care Nursing post graduate programs for Master of Nursing Science :

  •  Intensive Care Nursing 1 &2 
  • Critical Care Essentials
  • Acute Care Nursing 1 and 2 
  • Recognition and Response to Clinical Deterioration

Undergraduate :

  • Teaching/Participation in SGD/PBL of the Undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing program for both semesters
  • Lectures and tutorials for Bachelor of Nursing (pre and post registration)  


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