Simon Wildermuth

Simon Wildermuth

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Psychology

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I am a post-Command senior Air Force Officer with 25 years experience in ground and airborne command and control. As an Air Force Jericho Fellow I am researching the the affordance of gaming-inspired visualisations on perception, cognition and decision making of military operators using battle management systems.

I am curious how the ubiquity of computer gaming in modern Western societies my be translated into improved visualisations for tactical decision making.  As technological advancement enables the design and use of high-quality representations of objects (such as combat aircraft), does their use in battle management systems allow operators to make faster and/or more accurate judgements?  Can the use of such graphics help to reduce the cognitive load experience in high-stress, high-consequence environments?

I am specifically examining the affordance of gaming-inspired visualisations in the use of force matching scenarios to hopefully influence future system design, inform AI-trust development and as a foundation to further work optimising human machine interfaces.

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