Shaha Parpia

Shaha Parpia
Higher Degree by Research Candidate
School of Architecture and Built Environment
Faculty of the Professions

Project Title: Mughal Hunting Grounds: Socio-Political Aspects of the Shikargah and the Culture of the Hunt

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Shaha Parpia

Project Title: Mughal Hunting Grounds: Socio-Political Aspects of the Shikargah and the Culture of the Hunt

The Mughal hunting ground was conceptualized to accommodate a variety of functions. Besides being a public arena for the emperor to publicly enact the hunt, it was a stage for imperial ceremonials, a site for encampment, and a venue for military training and armed intervention. Transformations to the natural environment of the shikargah (hunting ground) also linked the space to ‘garden’ and agricultural spaces. Scientific activities were also motivated by the hunt which had far-reaching ramifications. The hunt was also instrumental in playing a key role in the Mughals’ spiritual outlook. Shaha’s research aims to offer new perspectives on Mughal landscapes and the culture of the hunt. 


Date Institution name Country Title
School of Oriental and African Studies, London United Kingdom Masters

Research Interests

Architectural History and Theory, Art History, Asian Cultural Studies, Asian History


Year Citation
2018 Parpia, S. (2018). Reordering Nature: Power Politics in the Mughal Shikargah. International Journal of Islamic Architecture, 7, 1, -.
2016 Parpia, S. (2016). Mughal Hunting Grounds: Landscape Manipulation and "Garden" Association. Garden History, Journal of the Gardens Trust, 44, 2, -.

Book Chapters

Year Citation
2018 Parpia, S. (2018). The Imperial Mughal Hunt as a Pursuit of Knowledge. In S. Akkach (Ed.), 'Ilm: Science, Religion and Art in Islam

Conference Papers

Year Citation
2016 Parpia, S. (2016). The Mughal Shikar: A Pursuit of Knowledge. 'Ilm: Science, Religion and Art in Islam. CAMEA 5th International Conference, Adelaide.
2015 Parpia, S. (2015). Symbiotic Spaces: Garden, Agriculture and Hunting in the Mughal Tradition. From Garden to Table: New Perspectives in Garden History. Australian Garden History Society Symposium, Adelaide.
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