Dr Scott Groom

Scott Groom
Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

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Dr Scott Groom

My research interests focus on the evolution and conservation of pollinators, particularly bees in the Asia-Pacific region. From January 2017 I have been a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Adelaide in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine.


Date Position Institution name
2014 - 2016 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow Kyoto University
2009 - 2010 Research Assistant Kunming Institute of Zoology
2008 - 2009 Research Officer SARDI

Awards and Achievements

Date Type Title Institution Name Amount
2015 Nomination PhD Research Excellence at the South Australian Science Excellence Awards Flinders University of South Australia
2014 - 2016 Fellowship JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Kyoto University
2014 Research Award Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence: Biological Sciences Flinders University of South Australia
2010 Fellowship Endeavour Postgraduate Research Fellowship: Australian Government University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji
2010 Scholarship Australian Postgraduate Award Flinders University of South Australia
2008 Award Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation – First Class Honours Flinders University of South Australia


Date Institution name Country Title
Flinders University of South Australia Australia BSc (Hons)
Flinders University of South Australia Australia PhD

Research Interests

Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Entomology, Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Evolution, Population, Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics


Year Citation
2017 Groom, S., Stevens, M., Ramage, T. & Schwarz, M. (2017). Origins and implications of apid bees (Hymentopera: Apidae) in French Polynesia. Entomological Science, 20, 65-75.
2017 Silva, D., Groom, S., da Silva, C., Stevens, M. & Schwarz, M. (2017). Potential pollination maintenance by an exotic allodapine bee under climate change scenarios in the Indo-Pacific region. Journal of Applied Entomology, 141, 1-2, 122-132.
2016 da Silva, C., Groom, S., Stevens, M. & Schwarz, M. (2016). Current status of the introduced allodapine bee Braunsapis puangensis (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Fiji. Austral Entomology, 55, 1, 43-48.
2015 Groom, S., Tuiwawa, M., Stevens, M. & Schwarz, M. (2015). Recent introduction of an allodapine bee into Fiji: A new model system for understanding biological invasions by pollinators. Insect Science, 22, 4, 532-540.
2014 Groom, S., Stevens, M. & Schwarz, M. (2014). Parallel responses of bees to Pleistocene climate change in three isolated archipelagos of the southwestern Pacific. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 281, 1785, 1-7.
2014 Groom, S., Ngo, H., Rehan, S., Skelton, P., Stevens, M. & Schwarz, M. (2014). Multiple recent introductions of apid bees into Pacific archipelagos signify potentially large consequences for both agriculture and indigenous ecosystems. Biological Invasions, 16, 11, 2293-2302.
2014 Groom, S., Hayes, S., Ngo, H., Stevens, M. & Schwarz, M. (2014). Recipe for disruption: Multiple recent arrivals of megachilid bees in Pacific archipelagos. Journal of Insect Conservation, 18, 4, 613-622.
2013 Groom, S., Stevens, M. & Schwartz, M. (2013). Diversification of Fijian halictine bees: Insights into a recent island radiation. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 68, 3, 582-594.
2013 Davies, O., Groom, S., Ngo, H., Stevens, M. & Schwarz, M. (2013). Diversity and origins Of Fijian Leaf-Cutter Bees (Megachilidae). Pacific Science, 67, 4, 561-570.
2011 Groom, S. & Schwarz, M. (2011). Bees in the southwest pacific: Origins, diversity and conservation. Apidologie, 42, 6, 759-770.

Book Chapters

Year Citation
2016 Taylor, M., Lal, P., Solofa, D., Sukal, A., Atumurirava, F., Manley, M. ... Starz, C. (2016). Agriculture and climate change: an overview. In M. Taylor, A. McGregor & B. Dawson (Eds.), Vulnerability of Pacific Island agriculture and forestry to climate change (pp. 103-160). Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia: Pacific Community.

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship (2y Salary)   $115 500
Kyoto University, Japan

JSPS Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research (2y)   $23 000
Evolution of sociality: A comparative transcriptomics approach
Groom SVC, Kawakita A

The Australia and Pacific Science Foundation (3y)   $45 000
Assessing impacts of two major new exotic pollinators in Fiji
Schwarz MP, Stevens MI, Groom SVC, M Tuiwawa and P Skelton


Flinders University Postgraduate Travel Grant   $1 400


NSW-DPI Farrer Trust Travelling Scholarship   $4 800

Museum Victoria 1854 Student Travel Scholarship   $1 000


Endeavour Research Fellowship (6m Salary)   $23 500
University of the South Pacific, Fiji

Rufford Small Grants Trust (2y)   $10 000
Bees of Samoa: Identifying Threats and Developing Strategies
Groom SVC, Schwarz MP, Stevens MI, Tuiwawa M and Skelton P

Nature Conservation Society Grant   $1 000

NCCARF Travel Grant   $2 800

The Australia and Pacific Science Foundation (3y)   $45 000
Native bees in the South Pacific conservation and roles in agriculture
Schwarz MP, Groom SVC, Stevens MI, Taylor M, and Skelton P

Australian Postgraduate Award (3y Salary)   $70 500
Flinders University, Adelaide


AusAid: Youth Ambassador for Development (1y Salary)         $23 500
Kunming Institute of Zoology, China

Mar 10 – Nov 14  Flinders University: Faculty of Science and Engineering

Demonstrator and Tutor (~600h) in topics covering:

Undergraduate: Evolution of Biodiversity (BIOL1101); Molecular Basis of Life (BIOL1102); Biology and Society (BIOL1112); Data Analysis (STAT1412); Genetics, Diversity, and Evolution (BIOL2702); Applied Statistics (STAT2700); Statistics for Biology (BIOL2701); Research in Animal Behaviour (BIOL3721);

Masters: Statistical Methods for Science (STAT5702)


2012   Ms Olivia Davies   Flinders University, Adelaide
Bachelor of Science - High Achievers Program
Collaboration resulted in publication in Pacific Science

2013   Ms Sarah Hayes   Flinders University, Adelaide
Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Behavioural Science
Collaboration resulted in publication in Journal of Insect Conservation


2015   Ms Ella Deans   Flinders University, Adelaide
Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Thesis: Evolutionary history of endemic bee species in Fiji

Postdoctoral Fellow
Waite Building
Room Number
1 13
Org Unit
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine