Sanaz Orandi

Sanaz Orandi

School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

I am an Environmental Scientist/Geologist, and hold a PhD in Chemical Engineering, specialising in water treatment technologies. I am very passionate about environmental challenges, exploring sustainable remedies for contaminated lands and water.
My experience is gained through working with industry and academic institutions, collaborating with research organizations, (e.g. Research & Development centre at Sarcheshmeh copper mine, the largest porphyry copper mine in Iran and Middle East), and supervising research students and PhD candidates at the University of Adelaide.
I am also an experienced health and safety professional at the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

Mineralogy and Metallurgy



Acid Mine Drainage

Water Quality and Water Treatment Technologies


Waste Management

Space Mining - Asteroids

Environmental Science and Risk Management






Waste Water Treatment



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