Samuel Evans

Samuel Evans

ARC Grant-Funded Researcher A

School of Biomedicine

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

ECR with an interest in Toll-Like Receptor signalling and protein interactions. In particular their relevance to pathological pain and altered neural function.

My current work involves developing novel techniques for detection of immune signalling at the receptor level. This work aims improve our ability to study activation of innate immune receptors and the early stages of their signalling pathways. Innate immune receptors are important for numerous processes, from threat detection, reproduction, and nervous system function. Therefore, developing tools to better understand their mechanism of action has the potential to impact multiple fields, including, immunology and vaccine development, pain, addiction, and reproductive biology.

Previously, I worked with Toll-Like Receptors to investigate the relationship with neuronal ion channel TRPV1, attempting to understand the effect that immune signalling has on neural function. Known as neuroimmune signalling, these interactions are believed to play an important role in establishing and maintaining chronic pain. Unfortunately, effective treatment of chronic pain is currently lacking, and greater understanding of these mechanisms is a potential pathway to novel treatment strategies.

  • Position: ARC Grant-Funded Researcher A
  • Email:
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Helen Mayo South
  • Org Unit: Medical Sciences

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