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Ms Samira Pourhedayat

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

PhD Students

School of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Since 2016, Samira has been working on the design, analysis, testing and modeling of different types of heat exchangers and uses unique new technologies to improve heat / friction behavior for heating / cooling purposes. She has also done many researches on cooling technology for gas turbine power plants. During her research, Samira was fortunate enough to learn about various aspects of engineering, both theoretical and experimental, as well as management and marketing skills. She suggested a variety of innovative ideas in tens of published papers.
Samira is conducting a PhD project at the University of Adelaide entitled Indirect Evaporative (Maisotsenko) Air Cooler for Industrial Applications.

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  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2020 - ongoing PhD researcher University of Adelaide
  • Awards and Achievements

    Date Type Title Institution Name Country Amount
    2020 Scholarship Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) University of Adelaide Australia
    2019 Award Iranian National Foundation of Elites (INFE) award Iran's National Elites Foundation Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Language Competencies

    Language Competency
    Azerbaijani Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
    English Can read, write, speak and understand spoken
    Persian Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
    Turkish Can read, write, speak and understand spoken
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    2020 University of Adelaide Australia PhD researcher
    2015 - 2017 Urmia University Iran Master
  • Certifications

    Date Title Institution name Country
    Introduction to Project Management University of Adelaide Australia
    Entrepreneurial Opportunities University of Adelaide Australia
    Risk Management for Projects University of Adelaide Australia
    Certificate of reviewing Elsevier
  • Research Interests

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2022 Dizaji, H. S., Pourhedayat, S., Aldawi, F., Moria, H., Anqi, A. E., & Jarad, F. (2022). Proposing an innovative and explicit economic criterion for all passive heat transfer enhancement techniques of heat exchangers. Energy, 239, 10 pages.
    DOI Scopus3 WoS3
    2022 Pourhedayat, S., Hu, E., & Chen, L. (2022). Simulation of innovative hybridizing M-cycle cooler and absorption-refrigeration for pre-cooling of gas turbine intake air: Including a case study for Siemens SGT-750 gas turbine. Energy, 247, 15 pages.
    2021 Tian, M. W., Mihardjo, L. W. W., Moria, H., Asaadi, S., Pourhedayat, S., Sadighi Dizaji, H., & Wae-hayee, M. (2021). Economy, energy, exergy and mechanical study of co-axial ring shape configuration of legs as a novel structure for cylindrical thermoelectric generator. Applied Thermal Engineering, 184, 12 pages.
    DOI Scopus10 WoS9
    2021 Moria, H., Pourhedayat, S., Dizaji, H. S., Abusorrah, A. M., Abu-Hamdeh, N. H., & Wae-hayee, M. (2021). Exergoeconomic analysis of a Peltier effect air cooler using experimental data. Applied Thermal Engineering, 186, 8 pages.
    DOI Scopus7 WoS5
    2021 Al-Turki, Y. A., Moria, H., Shawabkeh, A., Pourhedayat, S., Hashemian, M., & Dizaji, H. S. (2021). Thermal, frictional and exergetic analysis of non-parallel configurations for plate heat exchangers. Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification, 161, 13 pages.
    DOI Scopus26 WoS25
    2021 Cao, Y., Pourhedayat, S., Dizaji, H. S., & Wae-hayee, M. (2021). A comprehensive optimization of phase change material in hybrid application with solar chimney and photovoltaic panel for simultaneous power production and air ventilation. Building and Environment, 197, 13 pages.
    DOI Scopus16 WoS14
    2021 Cao, Y., Sinaga, N., Pourhedayat, S., & Dizaji, H. S. (2021). Innovative integration of solar chimney ventilator, solar panel and phase change material; under real transient weather condition of Hong Kong through different months. Renewable Energy, 174, 865-878.
    DOI Scopus6 WoS6
    2021 Cao, Y., Ayed, H., Anqi, A. E., Tutunchian, O., Dizaji, H. S., & Pourhedayat, S. (2021). Helical tube-in-tube heat exchanger with corrugated inner tube and corrugated outer tube; experimental and numerical study. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 170, 13 pages.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS5
    2021 Dizaji, H. S., Hu, E., Chen, L., Pourhedayat, S., & Wae-hayee, M. (2021). Proposing the concept of mini Maisotsenko cycle cooler for electronic cooling purposes; experimental study. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 27, 13 pages.
    DOI Scopus1 WoS1
    2020 Yan, S. R., Moria, H., Pourhedayat, S., Hashemian, M., Assadi, S., Sadighi Dizaji, H., & Jermsittiparsert, K. (2020). A critique of effectiveness concept for heat exchangers; theoretical-experimental study. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 159, 1-8.
    DOI Scopus20 WoS21
    2020 Tian, X. X., Asaadi, S., Moria, H., Kaood, A., Pourhedayat, S., & Jermsittiparsert, K. (2020). Proposing tube-bundle arrangement of tubular thermoelectric module as a novel air cooler. Energy, 208, 11 pages.
    DOI Scopus14 WoS11
    2020 SadighiDizaji, H., Hu, E. J., Chen, L., & Pourhedayat, S. (2020). Analytical/experimental sensitivity study of key design and operational parameters of perforated Maisotsenko cooler based on novel wet-surface theory. Applied Energy, 262, 1-14.
    DOI Scopus16 WoS14
    2020 Tian, M. W., Khorasani, S., Moria, H., Pourhedayat, S., & Dizaji, H. S. (2020). Profit and efficiency boost of triangular vortex-generators by novel techniques. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 156, 11 pages.
    DOI Scopus18 WoS17
    2020 Pourhedayat, S., Pesteei, S. M., Ghalinghie, H. E., Hashemian, M., & Ashraf, M. A. (2020). Thermal-exergetic behavior of triangular vortex generators through the cylindrical tubes. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 151, 13 pages.
    DOI Scopus25 WoS24
    2019 Pourhedayat, S., Khorasani, S., & Sadighi Dizaji, H. (2019). A comprehensive analysis and empirical correlations for Nusselt number, friction factor and exergy destruction of helical tube equipped with spring-wire. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 145, 11 pages.
    DOI Scopus26 WoS26
    2019 Khorasani, S., Jafarmadar, S., Pourhedayat, S., Abdollahi, M. A. A., & Heydarpour, A. (2019). Experimental investigations on the effect of geometrical properties of helical wire turbulators on thermal performance of a helically coiled tube. Applied Thermal Engineering, 147, 983-990.
    DOI Scopus32 WoS31
    2019 Pourhedayat, S., Sadighi Dizaji, H., & Jafarmadar, S. (2019). Thermal-exergetic behavior of a vertical double-tube heat exchanger with bubble injection. Experimental Heat Transfer, 32(5), 455-468.
    DOI Scopus13 WoS11
    2019 SadighiDizaji, H., Hu, E. J., Chen, L., & Pourhedayat, S. (2019). Comprehensive exergetic study of regenerative Maisotsenko air cooler; formulation and sensitivity analysis. Applied Thermal Engineering, 152, 455-467.
    DOI Scopus17 WoS13
    2019 SadighiDizaji, H., Hu, E., Chen, L., & Pourhedayat, S. (2019). Using novel integrated Maisotsenko cooler and absorption chiller for cooling of gas turbine inlet air. Energy Conversion and Management, 195, 1067-1078.
    DOI Scopus24 WoS22
    2019 Sadighi Dizaji, H., Jafarmadar, S., Khalilarya, S., & Pourhedayat, S. (2019). A comprehensive exergy analysis of a prototype Peltier air-cooler; experimental investigation. Renewable Energy, 131, 308-317.
    DOI Scopus28 WoS23
    2018 Pourhedayat, S., Dizaji, H. S., Jafarmadar, S., & Khalilarya, S. (2018). An empirical correlation for exergy destruction of fluid flow through helical tubes. Applied Thermal Engineering, 140, 679-685.
    DOI Scopus19 WoS16
    2018 Pourhedayat, S. (2018). Application of thermoelectric as an instant running-water cooler; experimental study under different operating conditions. Applied Energy, 229(C), 364-374.
    DOI Scopus14 WoS13
    2018 Sadighi Dizaji, H., Hu, E., Chen, L., & Pourhedayat, S. (2018). Development and validation of an analytical model for perforated (multi-stage) regenerative M-cycle air cooler. Applied Energy, 228(C), 2176-2194.
    DOI Scopus31 WoS27

Adelaide scholarship international (ASI)

Iranian National Foundation of Elites (INFE) award

🔸Introduction to Engineering Combined

🔸Advanced Mechanics of Materials

🔸Finite Element Analysis (FEA 2) Lab



  • Memberships

    Date Role Membership Country
    2022 - ongoing Member Australian Academy of Science Australia
    2019 - ongoing Member National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODE) Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Presentation

    Date Topic Presented at Institution Country
    2020 - ongoing Air pre-cooling technologies for gas turbine power plant University of Adelaide Australia
    2017 - 2017 The effect of vortex generator angles on heat transfer and pressure drop of double-tube Heat Exchangers Hamedan University Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Review, Assessment, Editorial and Advice

    Date Title Type Institution Country
    2018 - ongoing Reviewer Journal Review Elsevier
  • Position: PhD Students
  • Phone: 83133152
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  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Engineering South, floor First Floor
  • Room: S107
  • Org Unit: School of Mechanical Engineering

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