Rowan Mott

Dr Rowan Mott

Grant Funded Researcher (A)

School of Biological Sciences

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

I am a spatial ecologist working in the Invasion Science and Wildlife Ecology Lab under Phill Cassey. I use tracking data and observation records of wildlife, especially birds, and combine these with landscape-scale environment data to understand why wildlife occur where they do.

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2022 Halpin, L. R., Mott, R., Clay, T. A., Humphries, G. R. W., Chatwin, T. A., Carlile, N., & Clarke, R. H. (2022). Predicting the Foraging Habitats of Sympatrically Breeding Gadfly Petrels in the South Pacific Ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9, 19 pages.
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    2021 Mott, R., Herrod, A., & Clarke, R. H. (2021). Transboundary priorities for protection of frigatebird non-breeding habitat in a heavily impacted region. Global Ecology and Conservation, 27, 1-16.
    2021 Halpin, L. R., Terrington, D. I., Jones, H. P., Mott, R., Wong, W. W., Dow, D. C., . . . Clarke, R. H. (2021). Arthropod predation of vertebrates structures trophic dynamics in island ecosystems. American Naturalist, 198(4), 540-550.
    2021 Halpin, L. R., Ross, J. D., Ramos, R., Mott, R., Carlile, N., Golding, N., . . . Clarke, R. H. (2021). Double-tagging scores of seabirds reveals that light-level geolocator accuracy is limited by species idiosyncrasies and equatorial solar profiles. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 12(11), 2243-2255.
    DOI Scopus7 WoS7
    2020 Mott, R., Hodgson, J. C., Herrod, A., & Clarke, R. H. (2020). Nest-site fidelity in Red-tailed Tropicbirds informs costing a localised ant baiting strategy at Ashmore Reef. Emu, 120(3), 263-273.
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    DOI Scopus12 WoS11
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    DOI Scopus194 WoS179
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    DOI Scopus1
    2017 Mott, R., Herrod, A., & Clarke, R. (2017). Post-breeding dispersal of frigatebirds increases their exposure to mercury. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 119(1), 204-210.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS5
    2016 Mott, R., Herrod, A., & Clarke, R. (2016). Interpopulation resource partitioning of Lesser Frigatebirds and the influence of environmental context. Ecology and Evolution, 6(23), 8583-8594.
    DOI Scopus4 WoS4 Europe PMC1
    2016 Hodgson, J. C., Baylis, S. M., Mott, R., Herrod, A., & Clarke, R. H. (2016). Precision wildlife monitoring using unmanned aerial vehicles. Scientific Reports, 6(1), 22574-1-22574-7.
    DOI Scopus244 WoS216 Europe PMC31
    2016 Mott, R., Herrod, A., & Clarke, R. (2016). Resource partitioning between species and sexes in Great Frigatebirds and Lesser Frigatebirds. Auk, 134(1), 153-167.
    DOI Scopus12 WoS11
    2015 Mott, R., Herrod, A., Hodgson, J., & Clarke, R. (2015). An evaluation of the use of predicted harness spans for correctly fitting leg-loop harnesses in seabird research. Waterbirds, 38(4), 420-424.
    DOI Scopus4 WoS4
    Mott, R., Prowse, T., Jackson, M., Rogers, D., O'Connor, J., Brookes, J., & Cassey, P. (n.d.). Measuring habitat quality for waterbirds: a review.
  • Position: Grant Funded Researcher (A)
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  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Benham, floor 1
  • Org Unit: School of Biological Sciences

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