Riccarda Quattlaender

Riccarda Quattlaender

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Allied Health Science and Practice

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Riccarda Quattlaender is a PhD student in the School of Allied Health Science and Practice. Riccarda's research focuses on optimising resistance training protocols to promote bone mass. She is particularly interested in the mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of osteoporosis. Therefore, her research also focuses on bone-related biomarkers.

Riccarda has over 10 years experience working with clinical and healthy populations. She has a background in movement therapy for internal, neurological and orthopaedic conditions. She has also worked with neurodivergent clients to promote mental health and quality of life. In healthy clients Riccarda's work has focused on strength and conditioning.

She also has management experience as a branch manager in commercial fitness and health facilities. Moreover, Riccarda has experience in academic writing. She has used her experience in both clinical populations and strength and conditioning to create learning materials and curricula for the training of personal trainers and nutritionists.

  • Books

    Year Citation
    2023 Quattländer, R. (2023). Kraft- und Vibrationstraining bei Osteoporose Ein praxisorientiertes Handbuch zur Trainingsplanung.

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