Rahul Nair

Rahul Nair

Adelaide Dental School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Current projects
  • Scales for measuring patient satisfaction.
  • Caries prediction among infants, with psychometric validation of pertinent questionnaire instruments.
  • Willingness To Pay for caries risk assessment.
  • Caries prediction among those undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Incidence of Xerostomia using Xerostomia inventory.
  • Randomized Controlled trial to test effectiveness of training special educators.


Date Project Title Investigators Funding Body Amount
2015 - 2017 An Evaluation on the Effectiveness of a Web Based Training Program in Functional Behavioral Assessment and Interventions with SPED schools in Singapore

A Dutt, R Nair, K Koh

MOE, Singapore Project Grant

Sing$ 97,590
2012 - 2013 A Needs Assessment for Capacity Building Among School Personnel in Behavioral Assessments and Interventions within SPED Schools in Singapore A Dutt, R Nair MOE, Singapore Project Grant Sing$ 18,000
2010 - 2014 Evaluation of caries risk assessment models among individuals undergoing multi-bracket therapy (fixed orthodontic appliance) R Nair, HCY Stephen, XB Li MOE, Singapore Project Grant Sing$ 70,737
2010 - 2014 The Impact of Oral Health on the Daily performance of Free Living Elderly Singaporeans – a Pilot Study R Yee, R Nair MOE, Singapore Project Grant Sing$ 174,045
  • Developed and directed undergraduate course for Evidence Based Dentistry from 2009 to 2015.
  • Developed and directed undergraduate course Oral Epidemiology from 2009 to 2015 for undergraduate students.
  • Developed and participated in undergraduate course for Cariology with emphasis on clinical prevention strategies and diagnostics (2008-2015).
  • Developed and conducted teaching of epidemiologic research design for dental post-graduates (2009-2014).
  • Conducted teaching related research projects, with one publication and a poster award (indicated above).

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