Dr Rahul Nair

Rahul Nair
Higher Degree by Research Candidate
PhD Candidate
Adelaide Dental School
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

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Dr Rahul Nair

Current projects
  • Scales for measuring patient satisfaction.
  • Caries prediction among infants, with psychometric validation of pertinent questionnaire instruments.
  • Willingness To Pay for caries risk assessment.
  • Caries prediction among those undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Incidence of Xerostomia using Xerostomia inventory.
  • Randomized Controlled trial to test effectiveness of training special educators.



Date Position Institution name
2008 - 2015 Assistant Professor National University of Singapore
2005 - 2007 Graduate Research Assistant Iowa Fluoride Study


Date Institution name Country Title
1997 - 2002 Manipal University India BDS

Postgraduate Training

Date Title Institution Country
2005 - 2008 MS in Dental Public Health University of Iowa United States
2003 - 2005 MPH Western Kentucky University United States

Research Interests

Dentistry, Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics


Year Citation
2017 Lim, S., Kiang, L., Manohara, R., Tong, H., Nair, R., Hong, C. & Hu, S. (2017). Interim therapeutic restoration approach versus treatment under general anaesthesia approach. International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, 27, 6, 551-557.
2017 Tan, S., Vernazza, C. & Nair, R. (2017). Critical review of willingness to pay for clinical oral health interventions. Journal of Dentistry, 64, 1-12.
2016 Nair, R. & Yee, R. (2016). Differences in willingness to pay for an extraction, a filling, and cleaning teeth at various levels of oral health-related quality of life, as measured by oral impacts on daily performance, among older adults in Singapore. Singapore Dental Journal, 37, 2-8.
2016 Nair, R., Tsakos, G. & Yee Ting Fai, R. (2016). Testing reliability and validity of oral impacts on daily performances for Chinese-speaking elderly Singaporeans. Gerodontology, 33, 4, 499-505.
2016 Tong, H., Lee, H., Lee, Y., Low, Y., Lim, C. & Nair, R. (2016). Factors influencing the inclusion of oral health education in individualized education plans of children with autism spectrum disorders in Singapore. International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, Online, 4, 1-9.
2016 Nair, R., Chuang, J., Lee, P., Leo, S., Yang, N., Yee, R. & Tong, H. (2016). Adult perceptions of dental fluorosis and select dental conditions-an Asian perspective. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, 44, 2, 135-144.
2016 Goh, C., Guay, M., Lim, M., Lim, S., Loke, S., Toh, H. & Nair, R. (2016). Correlates of attitudes and perceived behavioural control towards oral care provision among trained and untrained nursing home caregivers in Singapore. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 25, 11-12, 1624-1633.
2015 Dutt, A., Chen, I. & Nair, R. (2015). Reliability and Validity of Skills and Needs Inventories in Functional Behavior Assessments and Interventions for School Personnel. The Journal of Special Education, 49, 4, 233-242.
2015 Nair, R. & Ai-Min, A. M. (2015). A conceptual framework (Cat-4) for estimating clinical relevance of evidence related to oral diagnosis. Journal of Interdisciplinary Dentistry, 5, 3, 114-118.
2015 Ng, J., Eu, O., Nair, R. & Hong, C. (2015). Prevalence of molar incisor hypomineralization (MIH) in Singaporean children. International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, 25, 2, 73-78.
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2010 Nair, R., Weber-Gasparoni, K., Marshall, T., Warren, J. & Levy, S. (2010). Factors affecting early childhood caries among WIC-enrolled children in Linn County, Iowa. Journal of Dentistry for Children, 77, 3, 158-165.
2009 Nair, R., Deguchi, T., Li, X., Katashiba, S. & Chan, Y. (2009). Quantitative analysis of the maxilla and the mandible in hyper- and hypodivergent skeletal class II pattern. Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research, 12, 1, 9-13.

Book Chapters

Year Citation
2015 Nair, (2015). Evidence-Based Periodontics. In Textbook Of Periodontology And Oral Implantology Elsevier India.

Conference Papers

Year Citation
2017 Nair, & Nguee, A. M. (2017). A Systematic Review of Diagnostic Clinical Trials Assessing Diagnostic Procedures for Dental Caries.. IADR. San Francisco.
2013 Nair, R. & Yee, T. F. R. (2013). A reliable and valid measure of quality of life for Chinese speaking elderly Singaporeans.. IADR APR. Bangkok, Thailand.
2013 Nair, R., Yee, T. F. R., Liang, S. & Tsakos, G. (2013). Quality of life and willingness-to-pay for dental extractions among Singaporean-elderly. 10th World Congress on Preventive Dentistry. Budapest, Hungary.
2013 HSL, C., Nair, R. & Yee, T. F. R. (2013). Relationship between the Xerostomia Inventory and Stimulated Salivary Flow Rate.. IADR Asian Pacific Region. Bangkok, Thailand.
2012 Nair, R. & Xander, C. K. T. (2012). Comparing detection of non-cavitated carious lesions by ICDAS and FluoreCam™. International Association for Dental Research South - East Asia Division. Hong Kong.
2011 Nair, R. & Yee, T. F. R. (2011). Learning Cariology Through Collaboration and Content creation. SEAADE. Singapore.
2009 Xiaobing, L., Nair, R., Lim, C. Y. A. & Foong, K. W. C. (2009). The evaluations of undergraduate clinic-based Orthodontic competency tests of National University of Singapore. 2nd Meeting of IADR Asian Pacific Region. Wuhan.
2009 Nair, R., Weber-Gasperoni, K., Warren, J. J., Marshall, T. A. & Levy, S. M. (2009). Determinants of ECC among WIC-enrolled children in Linn County, IA. 2nd Meeting of IADR Asian Pacific Region. Wuhan, China.

Report for External Bodies

Year Citation
2006 Levy, S. M., Chankanka, O. & Nair, R., (2006). A Review of Fluoride Intake Relevant to Canadian Water Fluoride Discussions,


Year Citation
2008 Nair, R.; (2008); Determinants of early childhood caries among WIC enrolled children in Linn county, Iowa.;
Date Project Title Investigators Funding Body Amount
2015 - 2017 An Evaluation on the Effectiveness of a Web Based Training Program in Functional Behavioral Assessment and Interventions with SPED schools in Singapore

A Dutt, R Nair, K Koh

MOE, Singapore Project Grant

Sing$ 97,590
2012 - 2013 A Needs Assessment for Capacity Building Among School Personnel in Behavioral Assessments and Interventions within SPED Schools in Singapore A Dutt, R Nair MOE, Singapore Project Grant Sing$ 18,000
2010 - 2014 Evaluation of caries risk assessment models among individuals undergoing multi-bracket therapy (fixed orthodontic appliance) R Nair, HCY Stephen, XB Li MOE, Singapore Project Grant Sing$ 70,737
2010 - 2014 The Impact of Oral Health on the Daily performance of Free Living Elderly Singaporeans – a Pilot Study R Yee, R Nair MOE, Singapore Project Grant Sing$ 174,045
  • Developed and directed undergraduate course for Evidence Based Dentistry from 2009 to 2015.
  • Developed and directed undergraduate course Oral Epidemiology from 2009 to 2015 for undergraduate students.
  • Developed and participated in undergraduate course for Cariology with emphasis on clinical prevention strategies and diagnostics (2008-2015).
  • Developed and conducted teaching of epidemiologic research design for dental post-graduates (2009-2014).
  • Conducted teaching related research projects, with one publication and a poster award (indicated above).
  • Supervised six undergraduate student groups for research projects, where two of the projects won international awards and three others won school level awards.
  • Supervised five post-graduate students for their Master’s thesis (one as main supervisor and four as co-supervisor).
  • Currently supervising four Master’s students as the co-supervisor.
PhD Candidate
North Terrace
Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building
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