Phillip Visintin

Associate Professor Phillip Visintin

Associate Prof/Reader

School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD, but is currently at capacity - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Research Aims

The major focus of my research is to develop new design approaches for reinforced concrete (RC) which are based on fundamental mechanics principles and are therefore widely applicable to not only conventional RC but also to new cementitious materials as well as to masonry. My research has primarily focused on the development of models to:

  • Predict the flexural strength and ductility of RC and prestressed concrete (PC) beams and columns;
  • Predict the immediate and time dependent deflection of RC and PC
  • Predict the shear capacity of RC and PC beams and columns; and to
  • Incorporate the influences of repeated loading and durability into analysis techniques.

This fundamental research has led to the development of analysis procedures not only applicable to conventional RC and PC but also to:

  • Fibre reinforced and Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC);
  • Geopolymer concrete;
  • Concrete with fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement;
  • FRP plated and wrapped beams and columns;
  • FRP reinforced clay brick masonry;

In addition to developing analysis procedures I actively research the development of new cementitious materials, particular areas of interest include:

  • The manufacture of UHPC using conventional materials and methods;
  • The manufacture of geopolymer concrete using locally available fly ash and slags;
  • The manufacture of concretes using waste materials.

A particular area of interest relating to the development of new materials is detailed life-cycle assessment and the development of design approaches that incorporate sustainability.

I am currently looking for PhD candidates to work on topics related to:

  • developing analysis/design techniques for  ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete at the serviceability and ultimate limit state.
  • Developing material models and analysis techniques for the time dependent and durability properties of fibre reinforced concretes of all strengths.
  • Applying concepts of circular economy to structural engineering with a focus on both materials development (geopolymer or concretes containing waste materials) and structural design.

National Competitive Research Grants

Date Project Investigators Funding Body Amount
2019-2021 Next Generation Transport Infrastructure using Ultra High Performance Materials Visintin, P. & Oehlers, D.J. ARC Discovery $170,000
2019-2021 Improved Seismic Resilience Against Life-Safety Hazard of Masonry Buildings Griffith, M.C., Visintin, P., Sheikh, A.H., Ingham, J. ARC Discovery $320,000
2014-2016 A New Generic Approach for Assessing Blast Effects on Reinforced Concrete Members Wu, C & Visintin, P. ARC Discovery $370 000
2014-2016 FRP retrofitted brick masonry buildings – are they reliable over the long term? Griffith, M.C. & Visintin, P. ARC Discovery $241,000

Other Competitive Research Grants

Date Project Investigators Funding Body Amount
2016-2017 Simulating the Mechanics of Ultra-High Performance Fibre reinforced Concrete for Rapid Low Cost Material Development Visintin, P. Asian Office Aerospace Research and Development  $131,000
2013-2016 The Deveopment of Geopolymer Concrete Using Local Waste Materials Visintin, P. SA Premier's Research and Industry Fund - Catalyst Grant $45,000

Industry Funded Research

Date Project Investigators Funding Body
2018-2019 Manufacture and durability of stabilised clay bricks. Visintin, P. Hanson Construction Materials
2014-2016 Ultra high performance concrete - characterising performance based on ingredient properties, predicting structural component behaviour and computational modelling and determining response to ballistic and blast loading. Griffith, M.C., Visintin, P., Ali, M.M.S., Sheikh, A.H. Defence Science and Technology Organisation
2014 Geopolymer Concrete - Mix Specification and Testing Using Lead Smelter Slag Visintin, P. & Ali, M.M.S. Zero Waste South Australia
2013 Geopolymer Concrete - Mix Specification and Testing Visintin, P. & Ali, M.M.S. SA Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
2013 Ultra High Performance Material Development Griffith, M.C., Visintin, P., Ali, M.M.S., Sheikh, A.H. Defence Science and Technology Organisation


Courses Developed and Taught

Date Course Title Course Level URL
2013- Reinforced Concrete Design Third Year/Masters
2017- Structural Design Practice Final Year
2017 Design of Steel Concrete Composites Final Year/Masters  
2019 Introduction to Infrastructure First Year

Courses Taught

Date Course Title Course Level URL
2014-2016 Structural Engineering Design Second Year
2013 Strength of Materials Second Year
2013-2014 Construction Management & Surveying Second Year
2017-2018 Introduction to Civil Engineering First Year  


  • Position: Associate Prof/Reader
  • Phone: 83133710
  • Email:
  • Fax: 83134359
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Engineering North, floor N2
  • Org Unit: School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

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