Penjani Kamanga

Penjani Kamanga
Higher Degree by Research Candidate
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

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Penjani Kamanga

I apply principles in economic psychology and social psychology to analyse decision-making in agricultural technology utilisation and also environmental resources utilisation. My current work concerns understanding the low utilisation of sustainable agricultural intensification among smallholder farmers in developing countries. I seek to improve utilisation of innovations to achieve their purpose and give more meaning to research, through analysis of farmers' decision making as influenced by farm household socio-economic factors; their perception of efficacy; their perception of access to production resources, and; also of institutional arrangements on the utilisation of the innovations.


Year Citation
2009 Kamanga, P., Vedeld, P. & Sjaastad, E. (2009). Forest incomes and rural livelihoods in Chiradzulu District, Malawi. Ecological Economics, 68, 3, 613-624.

Book Chapters

Year Citation
2014 Kopa-Kamanga, T. J., Kjosavik, D. J. & Kamanga, P. S. (2014). Livelihoods heterogeneity and water management in Malawi: policy implications for irrigation development. In B. Vanlauwe & P. van Asten (Eds.), Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural Intensification of the Humid Highland Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa (pp. 235-249). Springer.

Working Paper

Year Citation
2016 Kamanga, P. S., Nuberg, I. K. & Kuehne, G. C.; (2016); Understanding the extent of utilisation of an agricultural innovation;