Obed Otoo

Obed Otoo

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

I am Obed Nenyi Otoo, Ph.D. student at School of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. With a keen passion and interest in renewable energy, clean energy and energy utilization. My interest includes enhancing efficiency, storage solutions, and grid integration to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy. By investigating the economic viability, environmental impact, and policy implications.
I aim to contribute pivotal insights for scalable and cost-effective clean energy adoption, furthering the goal of a carbon-neutral future to world at large.

The utilization of renewable energy sources for a consistent power supply and the global transition to net-zero emissions are pressing concerns. Therefore, there's a critical need for efficient, low-cost energy storage systems to manage surplus energy and meet increasing demands reliably. Hybrid renewable energy systems thus combining electricity generation from concentrated solar power and hydro-thermal energy storage, can facilitate essential power distribution through the grid at required time, hence preventing wastage. This approach involves utilizing Concentrated Solar Power to capture energy from the sun and stored in thermally insulated water reservoirs thus hot and cold tanks at a lower temperature difference. This research aims, to identify the optimal temperature difference for the storage system, improving the systems roundtrip efficiency and to harness the abundant solar energy available hence ensuring efficient storage for future utilization thereby global transition to net-zero emissions.

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2020 Liu, G., Qin, Y., Wang, J., Liu, C., Yin, Y., Zhao, J., . . . Nenyi Otoo, O. (2020). Thermodynamic modeling and analysis of a novel PEMFC-ORC combined power system. Energy Conversion and Management, 217, 112998.
    2020 Yin, Y., Wu, S., Qin, Y., Otoo, O. N., & Zhang, J. (2020). Quantitative analysis of trapezoid baffle block sloping angles on oxygen transport and performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell. Applied Energy, 271, 115257.
    2020 Huang, T., He, G., Xue, J., Otoo, O., He, X., Jiang, H., . . . Guiver, M. D. (2020). Self-crosslinked blend alkaline anion exchange membranes with bi-continuous phase separated morphology to enhance ion conductivity. Journal of Membrane Science, 597, 117769.

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