Nikki Dumbrell

Nikki Dumbrell

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Economics and Public Policy

Faculty of the Professions

Broadly, I am interested in environmental and natural resource economics. I seek to engage in research projects that can improve our understanding of: (1) the economic, social and environmental consequences of different natural resource use decisions; (2) how these consequences are understood and experienced by different stakeholders; and (3) the appropriateness of different policies and (dis)incentives to encourage alternative resource use decisions. I also really enjoy undertaking research in interdisciplinary teams!

My PhD research (commenced mid-2018) is concerned with links between the social licence to operate, economics and decision-making with particular focus applied to the agricultural and energy industries. In 2019 I started working with the Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre (FFCRC). The FFCRC was established in 2018 with an overarching objective to support Australia’s transition to a low carbon energy future. The research I am undertaking with the FFCRC seeks to identify factors that may contribute to community decisions to grant or withhold a social licence for a hydrogen industry in our low carbon future.

For much of 2017-2018 I worked on projects to improve the profitability and sustainability of vegetable industries in Southeast Asia (at The University of Adelaide).

For much of 2013-2016 I worked on projects related to carbon farming adoption and the trade-offs between greenhouse gas mitigation and other objectives for Australian grain growers (at The University of Western Australia).

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