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Nicole Isaacs
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Mrs Nicole Isaacs

Clinical Research Coordinator │ Senior Research Assistant

Adelaide Medical School & NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Translating Nutritional Science to Good Health │The University of Adelaide

Intestinal Nutrient Sensing Group │ Centre for Nutrition & Gastrointestinal Diseases │ South Australian Health & Medical Research institute (SAHMRI)


Nicole is Clinical Research Coordinator for A/Professor Richard L Young

There are a number of Clinical Trial’s underway requiring volunteers.

Students are also encouraged to enquire regarding Honours and Postdoctoral studies.

Please contact Nicole for more information.


Clinical Studies currently underway (January 2017) ...


Study 1: Artificial Sweetener Study

Community based study involving healthy volunteers, looking at how signals in the intestine control the uptake of sugar into the body, and whether these pathways are altered by diet supplementation with artificial sweeteners.

Artificial Sweetener Study


Study 3: Sweet Taste Study - Diabetes Clinical Trial

The aim of this research is to understand how the gut senses sugars, and then regulates the uptake of sugar into the blood steam in people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Sweet Taste Study


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Book Chapters

Year Citation
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Conference Papers

Year Citation
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Conference Items

Year Citation
2012 Hughes, P., Nicholson, I., Bird, D., To, S., Isaacs, N., Grasby, D. ... Krumbiegel, D. (2012). C-IBS patients lack monocyte derived β-endorphin which results in disinhibition of colonic afferent mechanosensitivity. Digestive Disease Week. San Diego.
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