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Nicholas Collins
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School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
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My current research focus is the genetics and physiology of heat tolerance in wheat. I also have expertise in cereal tolerance to other abiotic stresses and resistance to viral and fungal diseases.

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Dr Nicholas Collins

My current research focus is the genetics and physiology of heat tolerance in wheat. I also have expertise in cereal tolerance to other abiotic stresses and resistance to viral and fungal diseases.

My background is in cereal molecular genetics, with a particular strength in positional cloning of genes for useful traits, to generate basic knowledge and breeding tools. After completing a PhD on barley yellow dwarf virus at the University of Adelaide, I worked on rust resistance at CSIRO and durable resistance to powdery mildew in the Sainsbury Laboratory UK.  In 2003, I moved back to Adelaide to join the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics where I have worked on tolerance to frost, salinity, boron toxicity, aluminium toxicity and heat.

I currently lead a research group working on heat tolerance in wheat within the University of Adelaide. The main focus is on the effects of the short heat waves that commonly occur during the sensitive reproductive developmental stages of the crop, in Southern Australia and many other parts of the world. These events cause failed grain set (floret sterility) when the heat occurs prior to head emergence, or reduced final grain size when the heat occurs at early grain filling.

We use growth chambers to apply heat treatments at particular developmental stages and combine these data with molecular marker information (such as DArTseq) to identify chromosome regions controlling variation for heat tolerance. This information is being used to develop molecular markers to enable breeders to more effectively select new heat tolerant varieties. We also conduct field trials in collaboration NSW-DPI, where late sowing is used to expose plots to late season heat stress. With my collaborators at NSW-DPI, we are also investigating the effects of heat on end-use quality traits relating to bread and pasta making.

Our work also aims to uncover basic knowledge of mechanisms of heat tolerance effects, by undertaking physiological, anatomical and ‘omics studies, in addition to positional cloning of the underlying heat tolerance genes.

Two heat tolerance assays in wheat targeting different effects on reproductive development
Two heat tolerance assays in wheat targeting different aspects of reproductive development



Date Position Institution name
2016 Research Fellow University of Adelaide
2003 - 2016 University Research Fellow Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics, University of Adelaide
1999 - 2003 Postdoctoral Scientist Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich
1996 - 1999 Postdoctoral Scientist Plant Industry (CSIRO), Canberra


Date Institution name Country Title
1991 - 1995 University of Adelaide Australia PhD
1990 - 1990 Monash University Australia Honours
1987 - 1989 Monash University Australia Bachelor of Science

Research Interests

Crop and Pasture Improvement, Genetics, Plant Biology


Year Citation
2017 Lohraseb, I., Collins, N. & Parent, B. (2017). Diverging temperature responses of CO₂ assimilation and plant development explain the overall effect of temperature on biomass accumulation in wheat leaves and grains. AoB Plants, 9, 1, plw092-1-plw092-13.
2016 Shirdelmoghanloo, H., Lohraseb, I., Rabie, H., Brien, C., Parent, B. & Collins, N. (2016). Heat susceptibility of grain filling in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) linked with rapid chlorophyll loss during a 3-day heat treatment. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 38, 8, 208-1-208-11.
2016 Shirdelmoghanloo, H., Cozzolino, D., Lohraseb, I. & Collins, N. C. (2016). Truncation of grain filling in wheat (Triticum aestivum) triggered by brief heat stress during early grain filling: association with senescence responses and reductions in stem reserves. Functional Plant Biology, 43, 10, 919-930.
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2014 Maphosa, L., Collins, N. C., Taylor, J. & Mather, D. E. (2014). Post-anthesis heat and a Gpc-B1 introgression have similar but non-additive effects in bread wheat. Functional Plant Biology, 41, 9, 1002-1008.
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Book Chapters

Year Citation
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Conference Papers

Year Citation
2006 Sutton, T., Schnurbusch, T., Palotta, M., Collins, N. & Langridge, P. (2006). Towards the isolation of boron tolerance genes from barley and wheat. Plant & Animal Genomes Conference. San Diego, CA.
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Conference Items

Year Citation
2006 Paltridge, N., Collins, N., Ford, C., Langridge, P., King, B., Symons, R. & Li, R. (2006). A map-based approach towards cloning the Yd2 resistance gene in barley. Barley yellow dwarf disease: Recent advances and future strategies. Mexico.
Date Project/ No. Investigators Title Funding Body
2011-2014 UA00123 Collins NC, Emebiri L, Parent B, Street K, Sissons M, Taylor H Identification of genetic variation for heat tolerance in durum and bread wheat GRDC
2015-2020 LP15010069 Baumann U, Haefele S, Collins N, Praud S

Exploring genetic diversity to identify new heat tolerance genes in wheat.

2015-2018 UA00147 Collins N, Emebiri L, Sissons M, Taylor J, Taylor H, Genetic analysis of heat tolerance in wheat GRDC
2016-2018 AISRF33760 Fleury D, Collins N, Baumann U, Haefele S Mining alleles for heat tolerance of wheat in Australian and Indian environments for development of heat resilient cultivars AISRF
2015-2020 IH130200027 Fleury D, Baumann U, Borysyuk N, Collins N, Haefele S, Kaiser B, Langridge P, Miklavcic S, Appelbee M-J, Juttner J, Kuchel H, Mullen D Genetic diversity and molecular breeding for wheat in a hot and dry climate ARC
2015-2018 56114781 Haefele S, Barrett-Lennard E, Collins N, Roy S, Heuer S, Nield J, Smart K, Cox A, Setter T Production trials to assess the differences between the biodiversity associated with the tolerance of wheat and barley GMOs Western Australian Agriculture Authority
Date Course Title Institution Course Level/ Code Contribution per year
2007-2012 Masters in Plant Genomics University of Adelaide 2710_PLANT_SC_7227WT one 2-hr lecture
2011 Masters in Molecular Diagnostics University of Adelaide PLANT_SC_7120WT one 2-hr lecture and ran one tutorial
2016 Foundations in Plant Science University of Adelaide   mentor to 5 students


Current students
Student Program Year Thesis title Principal supervisor
Muhammad Shefatur Rahman PhD 2012- Genetic analysis of the 6DS P. thornei resistance locus Klaus Oldach
Million Erena PhD 2014- Genetic and physiological bases of heat-induced floret sterility in wheat Nicholas Collins
Mohammed Mizanur Rahman MSc 2015- Genetic basis of heat tolerance in wheat Nicholas Collins


Past students supervised or co-supervised
Student Program Qualified Thesis title Principal supervisor
Suzuky Pinto PhD 2017 Harnessing wheat genetic variability for heat tolerance breeding Peter Langridge
Hamid Shirdelmoghanloo PhD 2015 Genetic and physiological studies of heat tolerance in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Nicholas Collins
Melissa Coventry Honours 2012 Constitutively expressed wheat and rye ALMT1 genes control Al3+-activated malate and citrate secretion Nicholas Collins
Muther Abdulhadi MSc 2011 Testing the barley HvCBL4 gene as a candidate for HvNax4 - a locus controlling Na+ exclusion and potential salinity tolerance Nicholas Collins
Kieren Arthur PhD 2011 Genome sequence and variation in the Australian native Velvet tobacco mottle virus John Randles
Jason Reinheimer PhD 2010 The genetic improvement of wheat and barley for reproductive frost tolerance Jason Eglinton
Alireza Rivandi PhD 2009 Towards map-based cloning of a Na+ exclusion gene from barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Nicholas Collins
Andrew Chen PhD 2009 Dissection of traits relating to flowering and reproductive frost tolerance on chromosome 2HL of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Nicholas Collins

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2016 - ongoing Member Plant Genomics Centre Research Leaders Group
2012 - 2013 Member South Australian Barley Advisory Committee
2011 - 2012 Member Australian Winter Cereals Pre-Breeders Alliance Steering Committee for Abiotic Stress
2008 - 2010 Member School of Agriculture, Food and Wine Research Committee

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2015 - ongoing Associate Editor BMC Plant Biology
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