Natalie Aboustate

Dr Natalie Aboustate

Study Coordinator

Adelaide Medical School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Dr Natalie Aboustate - Postdoctoral Researcher
Adelaide Medical School, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Major Research Themes

Perinatal Mental Health

Iron Metabolism in Pregnancy

Cognitive Function in Major Depressive Disorder

Neonatal Immunity


My research under the School of Psychiatry encompasses a multidisciplinary approach to personalised psychiatry under Prof Bernhard Baune. This research includes cognitive dysfunction in Major Depressive Disorder, the coordination of clinical trials for treatment resistant depression and genetic markers of inflammation associated with psychiatric disease.


Working under A/ Prof Bernd Froessler, I am coordinating the Protective Trial for Ferric Carboxymaltose infusions for women who suffer from iron deficiency during pregnancy. We are investigating pregnancy outcomes and perinatal mental health in this population to better characterise the effects of maternal iron deficiency on the mother and neonate, and how iron supplementation may ameliorate adverse outcomes. 

Neonatal Immunity

My PhD characterised alterations in immune regulation by preterm neonates compared to term as they are particularly vulnerable to inflammatory morbidities and poor health outcomes. My research utilised placenta and cord blood as indicators of innate immune function in the preterm neonate, alongside data concerning clinical outcomes for these neonates. My findings showed preterm neonates can mount a robust response to inflammatory stimuli, but are unable to appropriately regulate inflammation. As preterm neonates are susceptible to contracting infections, attenuated immune regulation could underlie their susceptibility towards developing systemic inflammatory signalling.


Flinders University- Quantitative Research Methods (2017)

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