Naresh Gupta

Naresh Gupta

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

Adelaide Business School

Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

I am pursuing PhD in project management of infrastructure projects, and my research topic is, "Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the sustained development of infrastructure projects." Over the last more than two years, I have authored research papers closely related with my research interest, and they are as under:

1. "Best practices to restart the global supply chains in the post-pandemic scenario for mega infrastructure projects". This paper presents a comprehensive strategic framework for the supply chains feeding mega infrastructure projects, based on short-term practices of efficiency, flexibility, resilience, and agility, and long-term practices of sustainability, digitalisation, diversification, and workforce development to respond to the challenges as posed by the pandemic.

2. "Analysing resilience and leagility in post-pandemic sustainable supply chain management: a systematic literature review". Introducing a term 'leagility' as a synthesis of leanness and agility, this paper underscores the need to enhance supply chain resilience and leagility to achieve sustainability, which could be achieved by developing skills needed to plan across project phases and time frames, aligning with short and long-term organisational goals, and assuming smart risks in the face of uncertainty.

3. "Navigating the post-COVID landscape: assessing impacts, opportunities, and challenges in the Australian infrastructure sector and its supply chains". Using a mixed research design method combining quantitative and qualitative methods, along with a review of the extant literature, this study emphasised the importance of innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and adaptability to ensure a prosperous and resilient future for the infrastructure sector.

4. "Looking beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: navigating strategic shift for achieving the new normal in the global infrastructure sector". This research advocates a proactive imperative, urging infrastructure organisations to navigate strategic shift influenced by diverse environmental factors. It asserts that while provisional measures provide short-term relief, true resilience and sustained growth necessitates proactive, comprehensive, and long-term strategic shifts.

5. "Revising the relevance of integrating the triple constraints of time, cost, and scope for ensuring project success in the infrastructure sector". This study reveals that meeting the traditional triple constraints alone signifies project management success, and not the overall project success. Entire project success is better characterised by achieving predetermined goals that align with the stakeholders' strategic objectives and organisational performance standards.

I had received a grant of $2000 in 2023-24 to facilitate the Low Risk Human Research Data collection.

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