Muhammad Yousaf Arshad

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

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    2024 Arshad, M. Y., Ahmad, A. S., Mularski, J., Modzelewska, A., Jackowski, M., Pawlak-Kruczek, H., & Niedzwiecki, L. (2024). Pioneering the Future: A Trailblazing Review of the Fusion of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Machine Learning Revolutionizing Plasma Catalysis and Non-Thermal Plasma Reactor Design. Catalysts, 14(1), 24 pages.
    2024 Arshad, M. Y., Jaffer, H., Tahir, M. W., Mehmood, A., & Saeed, A. (2024). Maximizing hydrogen-rich syngas production from rubber wood biomass in an updraft fluidized bed gasifier: An advanced 3D simulation study. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 156, 13 pages.
    2023 Tahir, F., Arshad, M. Y., Saeed, M. A., & Ali, U. (2023). Integrated process for simulation of gasification and chemical looping hydrogen production using Artificial Neural Network and machine learning validation. Energy Conversion and Management, 296, 19 pages.
    DOI Scopus3 WoS3
    2023 Arshad, M. Y., Rashid, A., Mahmood, F., Saeed, S., & Ahmed, A. S. (2023). Metal(II) triazole complexes: Synthesis, biological evaluation, and analytical characterization using machine learning-based validation. European Journal of Chemistry, 14(1), 155-164.
    2023 Gul, H., Arshad, M. Y., & Tahir, M. W. (2023). Production of H<inf>2</inf> via sorption enhanced auto-thermal reforming for small scale Applications-A process modeling and machine learning study. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 48(34), 12622-12635.
    DOI Scopus15 WoS11
    2023 Arshad, M. Y., Saeed, M. A., Tahir, M. W., Raza, A., Ahmad, A. S., Tahir, F., . . . Niedzwiecki, L. (2023). Role of Experimental, Modeling, and Simulation Studies of Plasma in Sustainable Green Energy. Sustainability (Switzerland), 15(19), 35 pages.
    DOI Scopus1 WoS1
    2023 Yousaf, M. A., & Aqsa, R. (2023). Integrating circular economy, SBTI, digital LCA, and ESG benchmarks for sustainable textile dyeing: a critical review of industrial textile practices. Global Nest Journal, 25(7), 39-51.
    DOI Scopus8 WoS6
    2023 Saeed, S., Arshad, M. Y., & Ahmed, A. S. (2023). Advancing circular economy in industrial chemistry and environmental engineering: Principles, alignment with United Nations sustainable development goals, and pathways to implementation. European Journal of Chemistry, 14(3), 414-428.
    2023 Saeed, S., Arshad, M. Y., Raza, A., Mahmood, F., Urbanowska, A., Ahmed, A. S., & Niedzwiecki, L. (2023). Influence of Thermal and Chemical Treatment on Biosorbent from Rice Husk and Its Application in Removal of Resorcinol from Industrial Wastewater. Processes, 11(12), 20 pages.
    2023 Arshad, M. Y., Saeed, M. A., Tahir, M. W., Pawlak-Kruczek, H., Ahmad, A. S., & Niedzwiecki, L. (2023). Advancing Sustainable Decomposition of Biomass Tar Model Compound: Machine Learning, Kinetic Modeling, and Experimental Investigation in a Non-Thermal Plasma Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor. Energies, 16(15), 26 pages.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS5
    2023 Mehmood, A., Tahir, M. W., Saeed, M. A., Arshad, M. Y., Hussain, H., Mularski, J., & Niedzwiecki, L. (2023). Optimization of Gasifying Agents in 3D Downdraft Gasification for Enhanced Gas Composition, Combustion, and CO<inf>2</inf> Utilization. Fire, 6(9), 17 pages.
    DOI Scopus2 WoS1
    2023 Arshad, M. Y., Saeed, S., Raza, A., Ahmad, A. S., Urbanowska, A., Jackowski, M., & Niedzwiecki, L. (2023). Integrating Life Cycle Assessment and Machine Learning to Enhance Black Soldier Fly Larvae-Based Composting of Kitchen Waste. Sustainability (Switzerland), 15(16), 22 pages.
    DOI Scopus3 WoS3
    2022 Arshad, M. Y. (2022). Effective removal of Direct Orange 26 dye using copper nanoparticles synthesized from Tilapia fish scales. Global NEST: the international Journal, 24(2), 311-317.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS6
    2022 Saeed, M. A., Niedzwiecki, L., Arshad, M. Y., Skrinsky, J., Andrews, G. E., & Phylaktou, H. N. (2022). Combustion and Explosion Characteristics of Pulverised Wood, Valorized with Mild Pyrolysis in Pilot Scale Installation, Using the Modified ISO 1 m<sup>3</sup> Dust Explosion Vessel. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 12(24), 15 pages.
    DOI Scopus8 WoS8
    2022 Arshad, M. Y. (2022). Optimization of Acid-Assisted Extraction of Pectin from Banana (Musa Acuminata) Peels by Central Composite Design. Global NEST: the international Journal, 24(4), 752-756.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS4
    2022 Rafique, M. A., Kiran, S., Jamal, A., Anjum, M. N., Jalal, F., Munir, B., . . . Arshad, M. Y. (2022). Green synthesis of copper nanoparticles using Allium cepa (onion) peels for removal of Disperse Yellow 3 dye. Desalination and Water Treatment, 272, 259-265.
    DOI Scopus4 WoS4
    2022 Yar, A., Arshad, M. Y., Asghar, F., Amjad, W., Asghar, F., Hussain, M. I., . . . Mahmood, F. (2022). Machine Learning-Based Relative Performance Analysis of Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Grid-Tied PV Systems. International Journal of Photoenergy, 2022, 18 pages.
    DOI Scopus9 WoS9
    2022 Saleem, F., Abbas, A., Rehman, A., Khoja, A. H., Naqvi, S. R., Arshad, M. Y., . . . Harvey, A. (2022). Decomposition of benzene as a biomass gasification tar in CH<inf>4</inf> carrier gas using non-thermal plasma: Parametric and kinetic study. Journal of the Energy Institute, 102, 190-195.
    DOI Scopus15 WoS14

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