Morteza Imani

Morteza Imani

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

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    2023 Ghazanfari, V., Imani, M., Shadman, M. M., Amini, Y., & Zahakifar, F. (2023). Numerical study on the thermal performance of the shell and tube heat exchanger using twisted tubes and Al2O3 nanoparticles. PROGRESS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY, 155, 11 pages.
    DOI WoS21
    2023 Adelikhah, M., Imani, M., & Kovacs, T. (2023). Measurements and computational fluid dynamics investigation of the indoor radon distribution in a typical naturally ventilated room. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 13(1), 13 pages.
    DOI WoS1
    2023 Adelikhah, M., Imani, M., & Kovacs, T. (2023). Development of a thoron calibration chamber based on computational fluid dynamics simulation and validation with measurements. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 13(1), 11 pages.
    2023 Imani, M., & Aghaie, M. (2023). Investigation of 180W separation by transient single withdrawal cascade using Salp Swarm optimization algorithm. NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, 55(4), 1225-1232.
    DOI WoS1
    2023 Alizadeh, M., Imani, M., & Zakeri, J. A. (2023). Laboratory and numerical investigation on the longitudinal resistance of ballasted railway tracks with steel sleepers. CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, 402, 11 pages.
    2022 Ezazi, F., Imani, M., Safdari, J., Mallah, M. H., & Mirmohammadi, S. L. (2022). An application of nature-inspired paradigms in the overall optimization of square and squared-off cascades to separate a middle isotope of tellurium. ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, 171, 10 pages.
    DOI WoS7
    2022 Imani, M., Aghaie, M., & Keshtkar, A. (2022). Numerical simulation of hydrodynamic performance of taper cascades in transient conditions. ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, 176, 15 pages.
    DOI WoS2
    2022 Adelikhah, M., Imani, M., Hegedus, M., & Kovacs, T. (2022). Modelling of indoor external and internal exposure due to different building materials containing NORMs in the vicinity of a HNBRA in Mahallat, Iran. HELIYON, 8(2), 7 pages.
    DOI WoS1 Europe PMC1
    2021 Imani, M., Aghaie, M., & Adelikhah, M. (2021). Introducing optimum parameters of separation cascades for <SUP>123</SUP>Te using GWO based on ANN. ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, 163, 13 pages.
    DOI WoS5
    2021 Imani, M., Adelikhah, M., Shahrokhi, A., Azimpour, G., Yadollahi, A., Kocsis, E., . . . Kovacs, T. (2021). Natural radioactivity and radiological risks of common building materials used in Semnan Province dwellings, Iran. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH, 28(30), 41492-41503.
    DOI WoS31 Europe PMC8
    2021 Adelikhah, M., Shahrokhi, A., Imani, M., Chalupnik, S., & Kovacs, T. (2021). Radiological Assessment of Indoor Radon and Thoron Concentrations and Indoor Radon Map of Dwellings in Mashhad, Iran. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH, 18(1), 15 pages.
    DOI WoS27 Europe PMC7
    2021 Shahrokhi, A., Adelikhah, M., Imani, M., & Kovacs, T. (2021). A brief radiological survey and associated occupational exposure to radiation in an open pit slate mine in Kashan, Iran. JOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY, 329(1), 141-148.
    DOI WoS16
    2021 Khooshechin, S., Mansourzadeh, F., Imani, M., Safdari, J., & Mallah, M. H. (2021). Optimization of flexible square cascade for high separation of stable isotopes using enhanced PSO algorithm. PROGRESS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY, 140, 11 pages.
    DOI WoS12
    2020 Imani, M., Keshtkar, A. R., Rashidi, A., Sabet, J. K., & Noroozi, A. (2020). Investigation on the effect of holdup and cascade shape in NFSW cascades. PROGRESS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY, 119, 12 pages.
    DOI WoS6
    2015 Imani, M., Aghaie, M., Zolfaghari, A., & Minuchehr, A. (2015). Numerical study of fuel-clad mechanical interaction during long-term burnup of WWER1000. ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, 80, 267-278.
    DOI WoS12

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