Mohammad Rabiei

Mohammad Rabiei

School of Animal and Veterinary Science

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Mohammad Rabiei first obtained an associate degree in Veterinary Medicine and then a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Veterinary Medical Laboratory Sciences. In 2005 he began work in the laboratory complex of the Islamic Azad University, Shahrekord Branch, Iran. In 2013 he obtained a Master of Sciences degree in Medical Microbiology.
More than 12 years working in laboratories has enabled him to develop and hone an excellent range of technical skills. He has successfully led and performed several research projects, during which he learned how to interact with a wide variety of research and diagnostic team members in a constructive, creative and professional manner, and they reliably achieved research goals.
Mohammad currently has funded by Adelaide International Scholarship to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Adelaide, with additional grant funds obtained from the Australian Centre of International Agriculture Research (ACIAR). His PhD project involves molecular pathology of newly emerged strains of Newcastle disease virus in Indonesia,
Virulent Newcastle disease virus is a common cause of poultry losses in Indonesia. If NDV enters Australia, it will almost certainly have huge economic consequences resulting from high death losses of poultry and other birds, mass culling, and international embargos. Australian’s $6.6 billion poultry industry could collapse resulting in prolonged shortages of poultry (Australia’s favorite meat) and egg products.

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    - Rabiei-Faradonbeh, M. (n.d.). Supplementary Tables S1-3.xlsx.

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