Mohammad Ismail

Mohammad Ismail

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

South Australian Immunogenomics Cancer Institute

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I'm a PhD candidate in the Prostate Cancer Research Group at SAHMRI, under the supervision of Dr. Zeyad Nassar and led by Professor Lisa Butler. My research centers on investigating the genetic landscape of prostate cancer, specifically targeting key metabolic pathways in prostate cancer. I'm deeply passionate about this endeavor and excited to contribute to our team's mission.

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2024 Al-Asmar, A. A., Abuarqoub, D., Ababneh, N., Jafar, H., Zalloum, S., Ismail, M., . . . Awidi, A. (2024). Potential Effects of Photobiomodulation Therapy on Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells. APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, 14(1), 14 pages.
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    DOI Scopus1 Europe PMC1
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    DOI WoS6 Europe PMC5
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    DOI Europe PMC3
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    DOI Scopus11 WoS4 Europe PMC7
    2022 Ababneh, N. A., Barham, R., Al-Kurdi, B., Ali, D., Al Hadidi, S., Ismail, M. A., . . . Awidi, A. (2022). Generation of a human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line (JUCTCi019-A) from a patient with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2A2 (CMT2A2) due to a heterozygous missense substitution c.2119C &gt; T (p. Arg707Trp) in MFN2 gene. STEM CELL RESEARCH, 62, 5 pages.
    DOI WoS1 Europe PMC2
    2021 Sweidan, N., Esawi, E., Ismail, M., & Alshaer, W. (2021). Anticancer Cardenolides from the aerial parts of Calortopis procera. Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung - Section C Journal of Biosciences, 76(5), 243-250.
    DOI Scopus2 WoS1 Europe PMC1
    2020 Odeh, F., Nsairat, H., Alshaer, W., Ismail, M. A., Esawi, E., Qaqish, B., . . . Ismail, S. I. (2020). Aptamers Chemistry: Chemical Modifications and Conjugation Strategies. MOLECULES, 25(1), 51 pages.
    DOI WoS154 Europe PMC94
  • Book Chapters

    Year Citation
    2022 Nsairat, H., Alshaer, W., Mahmoud, I. S., Ismail, M. A., Esawi, E., Alsotari, S., & Ismail, S. I. (2022). Aptamers in Theranostic Bionanomaterials. In Bionanotechnology: Next-Generation Therapeutic Tools (pp. 130-158). BENTHAM SCIENCE PUBLISHERS.

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