Dr M Obayed Ullah

Mohammad Obayed Ullah
ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

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Dr M Obayed Ullah

My Research interest overlap on Structural Biology of Macromolecules, Computational biology and screening of natural products for future drugs. I have the expertise of Protein Expression, Protein Purification, Crystallization and Structure determination, Homology modeling and simulation of macromolecules. Currently i am focusing on the structural studies of plant cell wall proteins.


Date Citation
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My Research is covered by the ARC research fellowship. I am also collaborating with an international grant which is Studies on Safety, Efficacy and Adverse Health Effects of Herbal Formulation of Bangladesh (BAN 05). ISP (International Science Program)-supported research groups and networks; Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

By the time of my careere, I have achieved seven and half year of teaching experience in tertiary level. I have been served in different academic position in North South University, Daffodil International University and South East University.

I have supervised several Honors and Masters research project during my PhD studies as well as academic tenure research.

ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Wine Innovation Centre
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