Minami Sasaki

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Biological Sciences

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

My PhD projects focus on climate change and its effect on marine fish species in temperate region of east coast of Australia.

Global warming facilitates tropical fish to move into cooler regions. Such pole-ward movements create areas in temperate waters where local temperate species meet tropical vagrant species. While tropical species have not established previously in temperate waters due to difficulty in overwintering, this may not be the case in the future if global warming continues as predicted. On the other hand, higher water temperature may not be so beneficial for local temperate species if future ambient temperature exceeds species’ upper thermal tolerance. This implies that species composition in coastal ecosystems is expected to change in the future.

I will be applying different techniques to evaluate field responses of co-occurring tropical and temperate marine fish species towards warming. 

  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2010 - 2017 Research Assistant Flinders University
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    2011 - 2012 Flinders University Australia BSc in Marine Biology (Honours)
    2006 - 2009 Flinders University Australia BSc in Marine Biology

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