Mi Du

Mi Du

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Public Health

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

  • Language Competencies

    Language Competency
    Chinese (Mandarin) Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
    English Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    2014 - 2017 Shandong University China Master
    2009 - 2014 Shandong University China Undergraduate
  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2020 Du, M., Haag, D., Song, Y., Lynch, J., & Mittinty, M. (2020). Examining Bias and Reporting in Oral Health Prediction Modeling Studies.. J Dent Res, 99(4), 374-387.
    DOI Scopus4 WoS4
    2020 Du, M., Haag, D., Lynch, J., & Mittinty, M. (2020). Response to the Letter to the Editor: "Examining Bias and Reporting in Oral Health Prediction Modeling Studies".. J Dent Res, 99(11), 22034520940275.
    2020 Xiang, J., Mittinty, M., Liu, Z., Tong, M., Du, M., Pisaniello, D., & Bi, P. (2020). Are foreign-born workers more likely to make multiple injury claims than native-born workers?. Safety Science, 131, 1-10.
    2020 Du, M., Haag, D. G., Lynch, J. W., & Mittinty, M. N. (2020). Comparison of the Tree-Based Machine Learning Algorithms to Cox Regression in Predicting the Survival of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancers: Analyses Based on SEER Database.. Cancers (Basel), 12(10), 17 pages.
    DOI Scopus1 WoS1 Europe PMC1
    2019 Du, M., Nair, R., Jamieson, L., Liu, Z., & Bi, P. (2019). Incidence Trends of Lip, Oral Cavity, and Pharyngeal Cancers: Global Burden of Disease 1990-2017.. Journal of dental research, 99(2), 143-151.
    DOI Scopus24 WoS24 Europe PMC9
    2018 Du, M., Bo, T., Kapellas, K., & Peres, M. (2018). Prediction models for the incidence and progression of periodontitis: a systematic review. Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 45(12), 1408-1420.
    DOI Scopus14 WoS13 Europe PMC6
    2018 Wang, R., Liu, W., Du, M., Yang, C., Li, X., & Yang, P. (2018). The differential effect of basic fibroblast growth factor and Stromal cell-derived factor-1 pretreatment on bone morrow mesenchymal stem cells osteogenic differentiation potency. Molecular Medicine Reports, 17(3), 3715-3721.
    DOI Scopus14 Europe PMC4
    2017 Wang, L., Zhang, J., Wang, C., Qi, Y., Du, M., Liu, W., . . . Yang, P. (2017). Low concentrations of TNF-α promote osteogenic differentiation via activation of the ephrinB2-EphB4 signalling pathway. Cell Proliferation, 50(1), e12311.
    DOI Scopus16 Europe PMC8
    2017 Du, M., Zhu, T., Duan, X., Ge, S., Li, N., Sun, Q., & Yang, P. (2017). Acellular dermal matrix loading with bFGF achieves similar acceleration of bone regeneration to BMP-2 via differential effects on recruitment, proliferation and sustained osteodifferentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. Materials Science and Engineering C, 70(Pt 1), 62-70.
    DOI Scopus21 Europe PMC9
    2016 Du, M., Pan, W., Yang, P., & Ge, S. (2016). Effect of aspirin on cell biological activities in murine bone marrow stromal cells. Zhonghua kou qiang yi xue za zhi = Zhonghua kouqiang yixue zazhi = Chinese journal of stomatology, 51(3), 160-165.
    DOI Scopus2 Europe PMC1
    2016 Du, M., Pan, W., Duan, X., Yang, P., & Ge, S. (2016). Lower dosage of aspirin promotes cell growth and osteogenic differentiation in murine bone marrow stromal cells. Journal of Dental Sciences, 11(3), 315-322.
    DOI Scopus8
    2015 Du, M., Duan, X., & Yang, P. (2015). Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Periodontal Regeneration. Current Oral Health Reports, 2(4), 257-265.
    DOI Scopus10

Teaching assistant in the course Introduction to Epidemiology, School of Public Health (2nd semester 2019)

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