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Melissa Raven is a psychiatric epidemiologist and policy analyst. She is qualified as a clinical psychologist, but has worked primarily as a lecturer and researcher in public health and primary health care. She has extensive experience teaching research methods and critical analysis, primarily at a postgraduate level.
Melissa's main interests are misuse of psychiatric epidemiology, inappropriate psychiatric diagnosis, inappropriate prescribing of psychotropic drugs, and promotional strategies used by pharmaceutical companies, key opinion leaders, opportunistic policy makers, and other players with vested interests. She was a founding member of Healthy Skepticism.

  • Journals

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    2023 Wood, S. J., Ilomäki, J., Gould, J., Tan, G. S. Q., Raven, M., Jureidini, J. N., & Grzeskowiak, L. E. (2023). Dispensing of psychotropic medications to Australian children and adolescents before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, 2013–2021: a retrospective cohort study. Medical Journal of Australia, 219(1), 18-25.
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    DOI Scopus19 WoS16 Europe PMC10
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    DOI Scopus2
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    DOI Scopus22
  • Books

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    1998 Shoobridge, J. A., Raven, M., Addy, D., Allsop, S., & Kamienecki, G. (1998). Gambling and SelfHelp. Adelaide: Department of Human Services.
  • Conference Papers

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    2019 Aboustate, N., Klau, J., Raven, M., & Jureidini, J. (2019). Reanalysis of the Treatment for Adolescents with Depression Study (TADS) under the Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials Initiative (RIAT). In BMJ Evidence Based Medicine Vol. 24. Sydney: BMJ Publishing Group.

Financial Markets Foundation for Children: Antipsychotic prescribing and use among Australian children and adolescents (2016-2018), $92,323.04.

RIAT Support Center Grant (University of Maryland): TADS RIAT: Reanalysis of the most influential study of antidepressants in adolescents (2019-2020), $US 150,000.

Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation application (submitted 1 July 2019).

  • Current Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

    Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
    2018 Co-Supervisor Patterns, Predictors and Outcomes of Prescribed Psychotropic Drug Use in Australian Children and Adolescents Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Julie Marie Klau
    2018 Co-Supervisor Towards a New Paradigm for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Mrs Sheelah Margaret Mills

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