Melissa-Ellen Dowling

Melissa-Ellen Dowling

School of Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts

Melissa-Ellen has recently completed a PhD. Her research explores the role of historical discourse in constructing Russia in the Anglosphere and introduces the theory of discordus. She has a Bachelor of Laws degree, along with an Honours degree in International Studies. Melissa-Ellen has taught in a range of Politics and International Relations courses.

PhD Thesis: Writing Russia: Anglophone Historians Discursively Constructing AnOther Nation

My thesis investigates how Western historians construct the nation of ‘Russia’ for the Anglosphere, and what histories of Russia reveal about the geo-cultural paradigm in the Western cultural context. In writing histories of Russia, Anglophone historians narrativise the past in a way which constructs a literary rendition of Russia in the Western discourse-historical space. This literary ‘Russia’ is an idea of Russia as a nation emerging from its textual representation. My research provides a foundation for exploration into the effect of historical discourse on the dynamics of international relations. 

Research Methodology:

  • Use of qualitative research methods grounded in critical discourse analysis. 
  • Analysis of history texts as primary documents.
  • Use of quantitative evidence through calculating word frequencies. 
  • Application of theoretical perspectives to data.
  • Development of original theory.
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    2020 The University of Adelaide Australia PhD
    2014 The University of Adelaide Australia BIntSt (hons)
    2013 The University of Adelaide Australia LLB
  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2017 Dowling, M. -E. (2017). A Socio-Political Model of Lies in Russia. Putin Against the Personal. Europe-Asia Studies, 69(2), 373-374.
    2017 Dowling, M. -E. (2017). Return to Cold War. East European Politics, 33(2), 316-317.

Australian Postgraduate Award 

Course Co-Ordinator:

POLIS2114 Approaches in International Relations (2019)


POLIS2013 Terrorism and Global Politics (2020)

POLIS1102 Introduction to Global Politics (2017-2019)

POLIS2114 Approaches in International Relations (2019)

POLIS2104 The Ethics of War and Peace (2018)

POLIS1104 Introduction to Comparative Politics (2017)


POLIS3002 International Security (2019)

ASIA2024 Asian Giants: Japan, China, and India (2019)

POLIS3001 Citizenship and Globalisation (2019)

Strategic Cultures and Unconventional Conflict (2017)

Guest Lectures:

"The Language of Nationality in Histories of World War II" for HIST3057 Nations and Nationalism (2019)

"EU-Russia Relations" for POLIS2011 Europe Today (2017 and 2018)

"An Introduction to Social Capital" for Strategic Cultures and Unconventional Conflict (2018)

Melissa has also delivered lectures on Marxism and Post-Colonialism in the context of International Relations as part of the course, Approaches in International Relations

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