Melanie Maillot

Melanie Maillot

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Humanities

Faculty of Arts

Qualified French teacher and Ph.D. candidate in French Studies (comparative literature).

My research focuses on the complete poetic work of two twentieth-century French-speaking writers, Andrée Chedid and Jeanne Benguigui, respectively Franco-Egyptian and Algerian. The aim of my thesis is to see how poetic composition can give rise to a new theorem of neutrality by revealing a truth about Being as Heidegger understood it in his Dasein theory. This project aims to show that the poetic genre lends itself best to this and that these two poets participate in extending and diversifying the definitions of the notions of neutrality and Being. The textual analysis carried out allows, on the one hand, to refocus academic interest on the genre of poetry, and its importance within the writing of neutrality as practiced and theorised by authors such as Blanchot and Barthes, and, on the other hand, to broaden the field of literary theory around the writing of neutrality and, more particularly, to nuance the expected definitions and meanings of the notion of “Being” by drawing directly on the development of neutrality as a literary modality. The selected texts have not been the subject of such readings nor have they been linked to the concept of neutrality in any way before. Thus, this project also aims to open new doors to literary criticism of the selected texts. Moreover, Jeanne Benguigui, a poet unjustly forgotten outside Algeria, is totally absent from academic study. The goal is therefore also to restore importance to her poetics and to highlight a unique collection that deserves to be read more.

I am supervised by Associate Professor Natalie Edwards and Dr Peter Poiana. 

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2019 Maillot, M. (2019). La plage comme espace de l’écriture intime dans La vie pieds nus d’Alan Pauls. Litera: Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, 29(1), 19-40.
    2019 Maillot, M. (2019). Representations of mother nature: An ecofeminist reading of the poetry of Jeanne Benguigui. Australian Journal of French Studies, 56(3), 335-347.
  • Conference Papers

    Year Citation
    2019 Maillot, M. (2019). Non-normative representations of the body in the poems of Andrée Chedid and Jeanne Benguigui. In University of Adelaide Arts Postgraduate Research Conference. University of Adelaide, Adelaide.
    2019 Maillot, M. (2019). Bon sang! Représentations littéraires de la menstruation comme protestation. In Australian Society for French Studies Annual Conference. University of New England, Sydney.
    2018 Maillot, M. (2018). Ecoféminisme dans la poésie de Jeanne Benguigui. In Australian Society for French Studies Annual Conference. University of Western Australia, Perth.

Awardee of the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.

- French for Viticulture and Oenology students (2020)
- French IB (2019, 2020)
- French IA (2019, 2020)
- Culture class on Australiana literature by French writers (2020)
- Culture class on autobiography (2019)
- French IISB: Language Laboratory (2018)

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