Mehwish Nasim

Dr Mehwish Nasim


School of Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences


I am a computational social scientist, working as a Research Scientist at Data61 CSIRO. I also hold an Adjunct Lecturer position at School of Mathematical Sciences at University of Adelaide. I am also an Associate Investigator with ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers and a member of the Equity and Diversity Committee.

I have over 14 years of experience in the technology industry. From 2005 - 2008, I was the technical team lead at Interactive Group of companies which is a multinational software development and services providing company with more than 500 employees. I later moved on to work with  National University of Sciences and Technology Pakistan as a lecturer. During my appointment I also worked as the department coordinator for 18 months. From 2012 - 2016 I was employed as a Research Scientist with University of Konstanz, Germany.

I finished my PhD in Computer Science from University of Konstanz, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes, financially supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in 2016. My thesis focused on inferring social relations including friendship links and interactions in partially observable social networks.

My research interests include: social network analysis, machine learning, health analytics, and human computer interaction. My current work focuses on predicting population level events in Australia, detecting fake news and misinformation and modeling polarisation on social media.

  • Interview on disinformation campaigns, in SA weekend Advertiser [June 2020]
  • Podcast on "fake vs fact", with ACEMS [June 2020]
  • CSIRO story: covering work on social bots and trolls [March 2020]
  • Blog post by Science in Public about social bots [December 2019]
  • Fresh Science, SA finalist for the year 2019.
  • Grant proposal accepted under the AustraliaGermany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme for the years 2020/21. (AU$ 20k)
  • Proposal accepted to organise Complex Networks Winter Workshop in Australia in 2021. (AU$ 20k)
  • Contributed as a Co-PI in a proposal accepted by NIHR -UK to assess prediction models for seasonal pollen induced asthma in Islamabad (~AU$ 360k)
Year Course Level University
2018 Scientific Computing Undergraduate (250 students) University of Adelaide
2012 Scientific Visualisation Postgraduate National University of Sciences and Technology
2011 Fundamentals of ICT Undergraduate National University of Sciences and Technology
Year Course Level University
2014 Network Dynamics Undergraduate/Postgraduate University of Konstanz
2013 Network Modeling Undergraduate/Postgraduate University of Konstanz


  • Position: Adjunct
  • Phone: 83135407
  • Email:
  • Fax: 8313 3696
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Ingkarni Wardli, floor 7
  • Room: 7 35
  • Org Unit: Mathematical Sciences

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