Maxim Buckley

Maxim Buckley

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

Adelaide Medical School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

My research interests are in cancer, cellular signalling, exosome biology, and microscopy. Though many diseases interest me, I find the systems that support these diseases to be most interesting. For example, cancer cells create environments that support their needs. The cells that support cancer cells don't even need to be cancerous themselves, your normal cells readily provide support in a moment's notice. This support is sequestered via cell signalling, a process that is essential to both normal and pathological tissue function.

I am also interested in the application of various microscopy techniques. These techniques help us visualise the very small and as such I find them very exciting. What I find most exciting about these platforms is their accessibility. While it's convenient and consistent to spend exorbitant sums of money on big-name microscopes, it's also possible to build your own systems and use open-source technologies to run them. These platforms enable smaller, less well-resourced teams from around the world the opportunity to explore the microscopic.

Finally, I am very much interested in biostatistics. I find statistics to be a powerful tool of describing our world when used correctly.

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