Maryke Van Diermen

Ms Maryke Van Diermen

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

PhD Candidate

School of Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts

Maryke van Diermen is a researcher in International development. She is an Indonesian social policy specialist. Her main expertise span the areas of the political economy of policy making, the politics of inclusion, governance, social protection and poverty reduction. She is currently completing her PhD in International Development at the University of Adelaide.

PhD Research

Maryke is currently completing her PhD exploring social protection reform in Indonesia.  Her thesis reflects her specialisation in the areas of social policy, policy reform and political economy.  Her primary research goal is directed towards understanding the political underpinnings of social protection reform in Indonesia.  In particular, it examines the competing coalitions involved in policy discourse within social protection.  In doing so, it explores three areas of social protection in Indonesia: food security, social security and cash transfers.  These three areas are studied over several time periods, including the New Order, Asian Financial Crisis and Post-New Order.  This demonstrates how key actors and agendas have changed overtime and how this has led to reforms within social protection policy. 

Research Highlights
In 2012 Maryke worked as a Research Intern with The National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K) in Jakarta.  TNP2K is attached to the office of the Vice President of Indonesia established to coordinate the acceleration of poverty reduction across all sectors and stakeholders at the central level. During her time with TNP2K she produced several reports.  Furthermore, she attend numerous meetings with the Government of Indonesia, NGOs, unions and other stakeholders.  This gave her in-depth insight into the policy making process in Indonesia.  

In 2014 Maryke began her PhD fieldwork in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Her fieldwork was conducted in collaboration with SMERU, an independent Indonesian research institute in Jakarta, studying pro-poor social and economic policy and development programs.  During her time with SMERU, she participated in various seminars, workshops, meetings and conferences.  Her time with SMERU was used to conduct 92 interviews with the government, NGOs, international donors, unions and beneficiaries.  

Tutor: DEVT 1001 Introduction to International Development 

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