Mark Boyd

Professor Mark Boyd

Chair of Medicine

Adelaide Medical School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Professor Boyd is an internationally recognised infectious disease expert. He has led project teams in HIV research in Thailand, as well as at the Kirby Institute for infection and immunity at the University of New South Wales. He has published results from randomised trials that changed international guidelines for the treatment of adults living with HIV worldwide.

Since moving to the University of Adelaide based at the Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide's north, Boyd has shifted his attention to the health needs of people living in the substantially disadvantaged communities that the hospital serves. Transformative improvements in health and wellbeing in these communities will not come from better access to new pharmaceutical magic bullets, but from interventions that decrease the extreme social stress under which many people live - financial instability, housing insecurity, food scarcity, etc. The challenge is to reconfigure the health system to not only provide the standard pharmaceutical and technical solutions, but also work to help solve the social stressors. This guides our research and our passion for meaningful change in healthcare delivery.


My research interests include:

  • The Social Determinants of Health: combining an understanding of patients' social context and stressors and intervening as an essential component of healthcare. The goal is the define a healthcare bundle that combines this critical aspect of healthcare with the standard technological and pharmaceutical interventions. This domain is little researched and desperately needs it. This is even more so with the COVID-19 pandemic which will lead to even more disadvantage, particularly in already disadvantaged communities like the City of Playford. There are numerous opportunities in this important area  that could provide innovative, fruitful projects from Honours all the way to a PhD. This includes projects examining how to integrate social care into health care as well as the development and validation of tools and health literacy interventions to help improve health outcomes. I am very happy to be contacted to discuss and work with students to find innovative projects across the spectrum of health research.
  • Health Service Delivery: at least 50% of health and wellbeing is contributed by social determinants. The healthcare system itself contributes ~15%. Notwithstanding, we continue to pursue diminishing returns on expensive biomedical research while leaving the social context of health untouched. We must incorporate this understanding into healthcare, most particularly for people experiencing disadvantage and concomitant poor health (e.g. those living in Adelaide’s northern suburbs). I am interested in doing the research that integrates social care into health care with translation into routine clinical practice. 
  • Clinical Trial Design and Implementation: as the Chair of Medicine at the Lyell McEwin Hospital with expertise in clinical trial design  I am involved in developing research of all kinds across the full spectrum of medical practice, e.g. hepatology, gastroenterology, respiratory, cardiology, etc. I would be more than happy to answer queries about research projects being conducted at the Lyell McEwin Hospital (or Modbury Hospital) to see if we can find something suitable.


I have supervised 2 Honours students to date. Both were awarded First Class Honours.

We currently have a series of projects that would be suitable for Honours or Summer Scholar students.

Summer scholarship: One is an analysis of the results from an RCT that examined the neuro-cognitive benefits of treating people with severe and enduring mental illness for viral Hepatitis C. This would support a summer scholarship project rather than Honours. 

Honours: Assessing the opinions and attitudes of Adelaide northern suburbs community members to screening for and intervening for people with unmet social needs through the hospital system.  i

Please contact me by e-mail if any of these (or similar ideas) appeal.


  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2015 - 2016 Visiting Medical Officer Murrumbidgee Health District
    2015 - 2016 Visiting Medical Officer Albury Wodonga Health District
    2013 - 2016 Associate Professor University of New South Wales
    2007 - 2012 Clinical Project Leader St Vincent's Hospital
    2004 - 2007 Senior Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Flinders Medical Centre
    2000 - 2004 Clinical Project Leader HIV Netherlands Australia Thailand Research Collaboration
  • Awards and Achievements

    Date Type Title Institution Name Country Amount
    2014 Award The Frank Fenner Award for Advanced Research in Infectious Diseases Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID) Inc.
    2014 Award Outstanding Reviewer for 2013
    1986 Award The Alfred Houston Senior Prize in Philosophy University of Tasmania
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    2006 Flinders University Australia (MHID) - Master of Health and International Development
    2001 - 2006 University of New South Wales Australia MD - Doctor of Medicine
    1997 University of Alabama (USA) and Universidad Peruana Cayetano-Heredia (Perú) Peru and United States DCTM&H - Dip. In Clinical. Trop. Med. and Hygiene
    1987 - 1992 Flinders University Australia BM, BS Medicine, Surgery
    1983 - 1986 University of Tasmania Australia BA Philosophy - English Literature
  • Certifications

    Date Title Institution name Country
    2013 Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching University of New South Wales Australia
    2011 Certificate for Ethics Training for Human Research Ethics Committee members Monash University Australia
    1995 Fellowship Royal Australasian College of Physicians Australia
  • Research Interests

Grants and Funding
Category 1
2014 - 2017 Clinical Development Award clinical support for 4 years NHMRC $404,884 AUD
2013 Project Grant award support of the SECOND-LINE study NHMRC $449,584 AUD


Category 2
2014 Australian Award Fellowship support of the combined UNSW/U Sydney Global Intensive Professional Program in HIV (GIPPH) Australian Commonwealth Government Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade. $656,888
2013 Australian Award Fellowships support of the combined UNSW/U Sydney Global Intensive Professional Program in HIV (GIPPH) AusAID $698,160


Category 3
2015 In support of the development of capacity to measure ARV levels in human tissues: Merck & Co. IISP grant $20,000 AUD
2015 Award in support of Faster and smarter identification of at-risk sexually transmitted infection patients via online, mobile and social platforms auDA foundation $20,000 AUD
2014 Award in project support of The association between virological failure and lopinavir plasma drug levels in the SECOND-LINE trial Gilead Australia Fellowship Research Grants 2015: $30,000 AUD
2014 Independent initiative grant support for an analysis of bone turnover, immune activation and inflammatory biomarkers in the SECOND-LINE DXA-substudy, Grants Merck Global Affairs 2014: $304,064 AUD
2012 Award for support of the RATE study Gilead Australia Fellowship Research Grants 2013: $20,000 AUD
2012 Support of the SECOND-LINE study The Foundation for AIDS Research 2012: $125,000 USD
2012 Support of the SECOND-LINE study Merck & Co. $1,000,000 USD.
2011 Support of the SECOND-LINE study The Foundation for AIDS Research 2011: $125,000 USD
2010 Support of the SECOND-LINE study The Foundation for AIDS Research 2010: $125,000 USD
2009 Support of the SECOND-LINE study Abbott Inc. $600,000 AUD
2009 Support of the SECOND-LINE study Merck & Co. 2009: $1,100,000 USD
2008 Support of the Encore program Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $12,416,901 USD
  • Current Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

    Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
    2022 Principal Supervisor Perioperative Haemostasis and Anticoagulation Master of Philosophy (Clinical Science) Master Part Time Mr Brandon John Lee Stretton
    2022 Principal Supervisor To determine asymptomatic cognitive decline in atrial fibrillation patients and to investigate their mechanistic links Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Rakesh Agarwal
    2022 Principal Supervisor Integrating social and medical care at a hospital serving a disadvantaged urban community in South Australia Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Miss Kate Emily Neadley
    2021 Principal Supervisor Objective Measurement of Physical Function before and after Critical Illness Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Dr Samuel Gluck
  • Other Supervision Activities

    Date Role Research Topic Location Program Supervision Type Student Load Student Name
    2015 - 2020 Co-Supervisor Biomarkers of Metabolic Outcomes of Second-Line Antiretroviral Therapy Regimens in Low and Middle-Income Countries University of New South Wales Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Gwamaka Mwasakifwa
  • Board Memberships

    Date Role Board name Institution name Country
    2020 - 2019 Co-Chair Asia Pacific AIDS & Coinfections Conference Virology Education Thailand
    2015 - ongoing Member Scientific and Program Committee of the Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-infections Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-infections (APAAC) Conference 2016 Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-infections Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-infections (APAAC) Australia
  • Committee Memberships

    Date Role Committee Institution Country
    2015 - ongoing Chair ASHM International Advisory Group
    2014 - ongoing Member Australian National HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Guidance Committee
    2014 - ongoing Chair RACP Working Group
    2014 - ongoing President Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM)
    2014 - ongoing Chair Gilead ‘HIV and the Body’ educational meeting faculty
    2013 - ongoing Chair Lyell McEwin Hospital, Discipline of Medicine, School of Medicine University of Adelaide
    2013 - ongoing Member NEAT-id (European Treatment Network for HIV, Hepatitis and Global Infectious Diseases)
    2013 - ongoing Member Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM) Clinical Guidance Committee
    2013 - ongoing Chair National Program Theme B Committee for the ASHM 2013 National Conference
    2012 - ongoing Member Kirby Institute Higher Degree Committee and Annual Post-Graduate Progress Review academic staff
    2012 - ongoing Member ASID Prosthetic Joint Infection Trial Steering Committee
    2012 - ongoing Member ASHM NSW HIV Shared Care Workshop Committee
    2012 - ongoing Member Australian Society for Infectious Disease (ASID) Native Joint Infection Trial Steering Committee
    2011 - 2014 Vice-President Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM)
    2010 - ongoing Member Australian HIV Observational Database (AHOD) Steering Committee
    2009 - ongoing Vice-President Australasian Society for HIV Medicine
    2009 - ongoing Member ASHM Risk Management and Audit Sub-Committee
    2005 - 2009 Board Member Australasian Society for HIV Medicine
    2005 - ongoing Board Member Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM)
    1999 - 2005 Member Australasian Society for HIV Medicine
  • Consulting/Advisories

    Date Institution Department Organisation Type Country
    2014 - ongoing International Advisory Board, Lancet HIV
    2014 - ongoing Merck Australian HIV Advisory Board
    2013 - ongoing ASHM NSW Expert Advisory Committee
    2013 - ongoing Gilead Sciences International HIV Advisory Board
  • Editorial Boards

    Date Role Editorial Board Name Institution Country
    2015 - ongoing Editor-In-chief AIDS Research & Therapy BMC open access journal
  • Industry Partnerships

    Date Engagement Type Partner Name
    2014 - 2016 Consultant Honorary Consultant in HIV Medicine, The Albion Centre
    2013 - ongoing Consultant HIV and Infectious Diseases Specialist Consultant, Holdsworth House Medical Practice

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