Marina Aburas

Marina Aburas

School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Marina is a PhD Candidate based in the School of Architecture & Built Environment working on an interdisciplinary project connecting the fields of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Photonics.

Based on an interdisciplinary approach connecting the fields of architecture, civil engineering and photonics, this research aims to find functional glazed design solutions for building envelopes through the integration of nanoparticle thermochromic (nanothermochromic) smart glazing technology into façade design whilst maintaining occupant thermal and visual comfort levels. The overall intention is to contribute toward a burgeoning body of literature on the enhancement of high-rise building façades.

Keywords: Architectural Engineering, Façade, Nanothermochromic, High-rise, Glazing, Energy modelling

Year Title
2016 - 2017 Interdisciplinary Research Fund (IRF)
2016 - 2019 Research Training Program Scholarship (formerly APA)

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