Maree O'Keefe

Maree O'Keefe

Adelaide Medical School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Professor O'Keefe is an education leader working with education providers, government agencies, and health services to deliver high impact outcomes in health profession education. She has served as a board director and held senior appointments in higher education, local and national government, and health profession accreditation.

Her achievements include leading development of universal Australian health profession academic standard statements, and nationally endorsed interprofessional competencies for health graduates. Awards include an Australian Government Citation for Excellence in Education, and Principal Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (UK).

Professor O'Keefe is a registered medical practitioner and paediatric specialist. She holds a Doctorate in Medical Education.

  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2020 - ongoing Examinations chair Australian Medical Council
    2020 - ongoing Clinical Professor University of Adelaide
    2019 - 2020 Director Curriculum University of Adelaide
    2007 - 2019 Associate Dean Learning and Teaching University of Adelaide
    2005 - 2005 Visiting Research Fellow University of Exeter
    2002 - 2009 Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics University of Adelaide
    1994 - 2020 Senior Consultant Paediatrician Womens and Childrens Hospital
    1994 - 2001 Lecturer in Paediatrics University of Adelaide
  • Awards and Achievements

    Date Type Title Institution Name Country Amount
    2018 Recognition Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy Advance Higher Education UK United Kingdom -
    2013 Fellowship National Teaching Fellowship Office for Learning and Teaching - - -
    2010 Achievement National Discipline Scholar in Health Australian Learning and Teaching Council Australia -
    2007 Teaching Award Carrick Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning Carrick Australian Awards for University Teaching Australia -
    2007 Teaching Award Vice Chancellor and Presidents Award for Excellence in Teaching The University of Adelaide Australia -
    2007 Teaching Award Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Excellence in Teaching The University of Adelaide Australia -
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    University of Adelaide Australia PhD
    University of Adelaide Australia MBBS (Hons)
    Flinders University Australia DCCH
    Royal Australasian College of Physicians Australia FRACP
  • Research Interests

Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching ID16-5408  2016-18:$449,000
Building a sustainable national approach for the development and governance of interprofessional education. R Dunston, Moran M, Rogers R,
Stekertee C, Foreman D, O’Keefe M, Fisher A.

Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching ID13-3432 2014-15: $150,000
Better judgement 2: Improving assessors’ management of factors affecting their judgement. Schmidt L, Schuwirth L, O’Keefe M

Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching National Teaching Fellowship Collaborating across boundaries: a framework for an integrated
interprofessional curriculum. O’Keefe M 2013-14:$90,000

Australian Learning and Teaching Council Discipline Scholars Network
Holmes J, Ewan C, Cameron I, Freeman M, Hadgraft R, Hay I, Heath G, Henderson A, Jones S, Kift S, Newton S, O’Keefe M, Savage S, Yates B.
2012: $120,000

Australian Learning and Teaching Council  SP10-1856
Harmonising higher education and professional quality assurance processes
for the assessment of learning outcomes in health
O’Keefe M, Henderson A, McAllister L, Remedios L, Jolly B.
2011-13: $220,000

Australian Learning and Teaching Council Learning and Teaching Academic Standards in Health, Medicine and
Veterinary Science
O’Keefe M, Henderson A. 2011:$65,737

Australian Research Council Linkage Grant LP100200007
Optimising intersectoral collaboration between the health and education sectors Braunack-Mayer A, O'Keefe M, Skinner R, McCaffery K, Burgess
T, Marshall H, Watson M.
2010-12: $255,880

Australian Learning and Teaching Council Academic Learning Outcomes Project, Health, Medicine and Veterinary
Science. O’Keefe M.
2010: $271,675

Australian Learning and Teaching Council LE7-356
Using TMS to identify and build leadership for quality learning in clinical
health care teams. O’Keefe M, Stupans I, Saunders L, McAllister S, Burgess J, LeCouteur A, Miller J.

Human Papillomavirus immunisation: Why are adolescents opting out? Marshall H, Braunack-Mayer A, O’Keefe M, Clark M, Tidswell J.
SAICU SA Department of Health.

Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation Parent priorities for medical student learning in complementary and alternative medicine.
O’Keefe M.
2006: $18,000

  • Consulting/Advisories

    Date Institution Department Organisation Type Country
    2015 - ongoing Australian Psychology Acreditation Council - - Australia
    2014 - 2015 Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand - - Australia
    2014 - 2014 Australian Dental Council - - Australia

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