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Maggie Paul

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Maggie Paul is a PhD candidate in Politics and International Relations at the University of Adelaide. Her PhD thesis is tentatively titled: 'Insecuritization of the Citizenship Regime: Bangladeshi "infiltrators" and the Politics of Insecurity in India'. Her broader interests include the contestations of citizenship in the South Asian context, politics at the urban margins as well as decolonial, post-development and pluriversal theory and practice. In her first year of candidature, she was employed as a tutor in a course on Global Politics.

She has previously taught at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and held research consultation positions with various non-profits in India. Being an ardent believer in embedded scholarship, she is a member of activist circles such as the National Alliance of People’s Movements, India and also the global cohort of Dalai Lama Fellows. She has presented at several international conferences, the most recent one titled ‘Citizenship Until Further Notice?’ supported by Czech Science Foundation and ‘Emotions of Inclusion and Exclusion in Transnational Spaces’ organised by University of Copenhagen. Her article on the changing contours of fieldwork amidst the pandemic figured in the special issue of Chakra: A Nordic Journal of South Asian Studies.

Besides academics, she is an avid gardener, cyclist and collector of myths.

Academic writing:

-- [Journal Article] Hindutva Governmentality of Citizenship: (Muslim) Migration and Citizenship in the Wake of Assam NRC (Forthcoming)

-- [Book Chapter] Gendered Resistance to Enforced Disappearances in Kashmir: The Politics of Space of Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP), New Gendered Radicalisms at the Margins of the State and Empire, Routledge Publications (Forthcoming)

-- [Journal Article] Ethnography of a Crisis: Changing Contours of Fieldwork amidst the Pandemic, Chakra: A Nordic Journal of South Asian Studies, Special Issue – Articulations of a Pandemic.

-- [Book Review] Changing Contexts and Shifting Roles of the Indian State: New Perspectives on Development Dynamics, South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies.

-- [White Paper] How Sensitive? How Nuanced?: Review of Media Coverage of Kathua Rape Case, Population First, Published by Network of Women in Media, India.

-- Jed-o-jehad of Everyday: Two Cases of Negotiating Space Making by Migrant Women in City- spaces, Published by Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group, India.

International Conferences/ Summer Schools:

-- 'Citizenship as Bordering Practice: Bangladeshi "Infiltrators" in India' at International summer school on 'Borders and Migration in Digital Times' (Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, August 16-27 2021)

-- 'Bangladeshi 'infiltrator' and the Politics of Fear in Hindu India' at International Workshop on 'Emotions of Inclusion and Exclusion in Transnational Spaces'at Center for the History of Emotions, Max Planck Institute for Human Development and University of Copenhagen, May 20-21 2021)

-- ‘Insecuritization and the Citizenship Regime: Politics of Insecurity around (Muslim) Bangladeshi Migrants in India’ at International Workshop on 'Citizenship Until Further Notice? Refugees and Revocation of Nationality in the 20th Century' (Prague, 19-20 November 2019)

-- 'Jed-o-Jehad of everyday: The De-Facto Right to the City Claim of Migrant Muslim Women in Bainganwadi, Mumbai' at the International Conference on 'Right to the City in the South, Everyday Urban Experience and Rationalities of Government' ( University Paris Diderot, France, November 15-17, 2017)

-- 'A Critical Assessment of "Participatory" Master Plans: A Theoretical Incursion' selected for presentation at the 17th NAERUS Conference 2016: 'Governing, Planning and Managing the City in an Uncertain World; Comparative Perspectives on Everyday Practices' (University of Gothernburg and Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy, Sweden, November 17-19, 2016)

-- 'Contingent Methodologies’ and Marginalized Migrant Populations in Bainganwadi, Mumbai' selected for presentation at the 5th International Crossroads Asia Conference: Area Studies’ Futures (Center for Development Research – ZEF, Bonn, Germany, September 22-23, 2016)

-- Participant at Summer School: 'Beyond the City Limits: Rethinking New Religiosities in Asia' (Göttingen University, Germany, July 18-22, 2016)


Dalai Lama Global Fellow at San Francisco, USA (2015)

  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2017 - 2018 Consultant - Gender Research and Training Population First
    2016 - 2017 Assistant Professor Tata Institute of Social Sciences
    2013 - 2014 Associate - Research, Documentation and Communication Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA)
    2012 - 2013 Senior Executive - Quality Basix Academy of Building Lifelong Employability (B-ABLE)
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    2014 - 2016 Tata Institute of Social Sciences India M Phil
  • Certifications

    Date Title Institution name Country
    Certification in Applied Buddhist Psychology The Body Tree: ARTH (Counselling and Arts Based Therapy Centre) India
    Certification in Yoga Teacher Training The Yoga Institute India
  • Research Interests

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2020 Paul, M. (2020). Changing Contexts and Shifting Roles of the Indian State: New Perspectives on Development Dynamics. SOUTH ASIA-JOURNAL OF SOUTH ASIAN STUDIES, 43(3), 577-578.

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