Lucy Turner

Lucy Turner

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Psychology

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I began my research experience as an undergraduate in the Laboratory for Human Neurophysiology and Genetics under Cedric Bardy's supervision at SAHMRI. We tested adhesion of human brain cells in vitro to various coatings on tissue cultureware. Bridget Milky, who led the project, found that charged amine-based plasma polymer coatings improved the adherence of cells long-term. This technology will bring us closer to better treatment for neurological and psychological disorders.

I completed honours in first class in the Laboratory of Visual Physiology & Neurobotics under Steven Wiederman's supervision at the University of Adelaide. Using single cell electrophysiology we investigated the effects of isoflurane anaesthesia on neurons across the visual pathway of the dragonfly. This data informs bio-inspired algorithms for robotic vision.

I am currently undertaking my doctorate in the Action Vision Laboratory under the supervision of Anna Ma-Wyatt, Steven Wiederman, Jessica O'Rielly, and Dominic Thewlis at the University of Adelaide. I use computational modelling to investigate how latencies of augmented reality displays affect human performance. I aspire to work in human-machine interface R&D and I have a strong interest in healthspan extension and P4 medicine.

Current Project: The Effect of Information Displays and Associated Latencies on Human Performance (Cognition, Perception, and Locomotion Biomechanics).

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2022 Milky, B., Zabolocki, M., Al-Bataineh, S. A., van den Hurk, M., Greenberg, Z., Turner, L., . . . Bardy, C. (2022). Long-term adherence of human brain cells in vitro is enhanced by charged amine-based plasma polymer coatings. Stem Cell Reports, 17(3), 489-506.

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