Liang Chen

Liang Chen

School of Agriculture, Food and Wine

Faculty of Sciences

Based at Dr. David Jeffery (A/P) wine chemistry lab at the Department of Wine and Food Science, The University of Adelaide, I have been working on a series topics around the potent volatile sulfur compounds in wine. (PhD Thesis: Polyfunctional thiols in wine: Chirality, precursor stereochemistry, winemaking impacts, and fate.)

From a background in Food Science/Nutrition (B. Eng.) and Flavour Chemistry (M. Eng.), I have been applying chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry (HS–SPME, SPE, GC–MS, HPLC–MS/MS), fermentation techniques, and sensory evaluation to investigate the chirality, precursor stereochemistry, and winemaking/viticulture impacts on polyfunctional thiols.

More information on the project and obtained results can be seen on the Publications page.

On News

A cool way to enhance thiols in Sauvignon blanc, Wine Business 2019

  • 2018: KP Barley Award  – The University of Adelaide

awarded on the basis of research performance to a postgraduate student within the areas of Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences

  • 2018: Best presentation award (at Crush) – Waite Research Insititute
  • 2018: Adelaide Graduate Centre Travel Grant – The University of Adelaide
  • 2015 – 2019: Project funding – Wine Australia
  • 2015 – 2019: PhD scholarship – The University of Adelaide & China Scholarship Council
  • 2014: National graduate scholarship – Ministry of Education (MOE) of P. R. China

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