Leonardo Horn Iwaya

Leonardo Horn Iwaya

School of Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Leonardo H. Iwaya is a researcher of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide. Currently he is involved in cybersecurity projects at the Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies (CREST). His work focuses on information security and privacy engineering specifically on mobile health (mHealth) systems in the primary healthcare. Leonardo completed his PhD in Computr Science at Karlstad University (KAU), MSc in Electrical Engineering at University of São Paulo (USP) and BSc in Computer Science at Santa Catarina State University (UDESC). Most of his research intersects security, privacy and healthcare with advanced cloud- and AI-based technologies.

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2020 Haque, M. U., Iwaya, L. H., & Babar, M. A. (2020). Challenges in docker development: A large-scale study using stack overflow. International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement.
    2020 Iwaya, L. H., Ahmad, A., & Babar, M. A. (2020). Security and Privacy for mHealth and uHealth Systems: A Systematic Mapping Study. IEEE ACCESS, 8, 150081-150112.
    DOI Scopus3
    2019 Iwaya, L. H., Fischer-Hübner, S., Åhlfeldt, R. M., & Martucci, L. A. (2019). Mobile health systems for community-based primary care: identifying controls and mitigating privacy threats. JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 7(3), e11642.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS5
    2017 Voronkov, A., Iwaya, L. H., Martucci, L. A., & Lindskog, S. (2017). Systematic literature review on usability of firewall configuration. ACM Computing Surveys, 50(6), 35 pages.
    DOI Scopus12 WoS8
    2016 Sa, J., Rebelo, M., Brentani, A., Grisi, S., Iwaya, L., Simplicio, M., . . . Gutierrez, M. (2016). Georeferenced and secure mobile health system for large scale data collection in primary care. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 94, 91-99.
    DOI Scopus13 WoS12 Europe PMC2
    2015 Simplicio, M., Iwaya, L., Barros, B., Carvalho, T., & Naslund, M. (2015). Secour health: A delay-tolerant security framework for mobile health data collection. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 19(2), 761-772.
    DOI Scopus38 WoS30 Europe PMC2
    2013 Iwaya, L. H., Gomes, M. A. L., Simplício, M. A., Carvalho, T. C. M. B., Dominicini, C. K., Sakuragui, R. R. M., . . . Håkansson, P. (2013). Mobile health in emerging countries: A survey of research initiatives in Brazil. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 82(5), 283-298.
    DOI Scopus60 WoS53 Europe PMC26
    Iwaya, L. H., Fischer-Hübner, S., Åhlfeldt, R. -M., & Martucci, L. A. (n.d.). Mobile Health Systems for Community-Based Primary Care: Identifying Controls and Mitigating Privacy Threats (Preprint).
  • Conference Papers

    Year Citation
    2019 Iwaya, L., Li, J., Fischer-Hübner, S., Åhlfeldt, R., & Martucci, L. (2019). E-consent for data privacy: Consent management for mobile health technologies in public health surveys and disease surveillance. In Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Vol. 264 (pp. 1223-1227). online: I O S Press.
    DOI Scopus1
    2018 Fischer-Hübner, S., Martucci, L. A., Fritsch, L., Pulls, T., Herold, S., Iwaya, L. H., . . . Zuccato, A. (2018). A MOOC on privacy by design and the GDPR. In IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology Vol. 531 (pp. 95-107). Online: Springer New York LLC.
    DOI Scopus1
    2018 Iwaya, L., Fischer-Hubner, S., Åhlfeldt, R., & Martucci, L. (2018). MHealth: A Privacy Threat Analysis for Public Health Surveillance Systems. In Proceedings - IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems Vol. 2018-June (pp. 42-47). Onlline: IEEE.
    DOI Scopus8
    2016 Iwaya, L. H., Giunchiglia, F., Martucci, L. A., Hume, A., Fischer-Hübner, S., & Chenu-Abente, R. (2016). Ontology-based obfuscation and anonymisation for privacy a case study on healthcare. In IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology Vol. 476 (pp. 343-358). Springer International Publishing.
    DOI Scopus3
    2015 Barros, B., Iwaya, L., Simplicio, M., Carvalho, T., Méhes, A., & Näslund, M. (2015). Classifying security threats in cloud networking. In CLOSER 2015 - 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science, Proceedings (pp. 214-220). Online: SciTePress.
    DOI Scopus1
    2013 Iwaya, L. H., Rosso, R. S. U., & Da S. Hounsell, M. (2013). A Design for Assembly application with dynamic information retrieval from case database. In IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline) Vol. 46 (pp. 186-191). Elsevier BV.
    DOI Scopus3

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