Laurence Cobbaert

Laurence Cobbaert

School of Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts

My current work investigates the links between Australian alcohol advertising and alcohol-involved sexual violence through the construction and maintenance of gender-related alcohol expectancies. 

My research project is multidisciplinary in nature and draws on various fields such as gender studies, social psychology, criminology, media and communication studies, and public health.


  • Book Chapters

    Year Citation
    2018 Cobbaert, L. (2018). Paternalism and Sexual Abuse in UN Humanitarian and Peacekeeping Operations. In M. Smith, & T. Inal (Eds.), Rape Cultures and Survivors: An International Perspective (Vol. 2 Volumes, pp. 139-163). Santa Barbara, California; USA: Praeger.
    2018 Cobbaert, L. (2018). Campus Rape and Sexual Violence. In M. Smith (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Rape and Sexual Violence (Vol. 1 (A-R), pp. 25-61). Santa Barbara, California; USA: ABC-CLIO.

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