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Ms Lauren Murray

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School of Physical Sciences

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Lauren graduated from a Bachelor of Science (Nanoscience and Materials) in Chemistry at the University of Adelaide in 2015. She then went on to complete honours in organic chemistry at the University of Adelaide (2016), where she worked at the interface of chemistry and biochemistry following a biomimetic synthetic pathway to synthesize a natural product analogue for the probing of intracellular targets. Since 2017 Lauren has been undertaking a PhD in organic chemistry working with Assoc. Prof Jonathan George (University of Adelaide, Australia). Her thesis is primarily directed towards the biomimetic total synthesis of meroterpenoid natural products, to gain insight into their biosynthesis. Having access to these complex natural products as well as their proposed biosynthetic intermediates has enabled her to undertake chemoenzymatic studies at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UC San Diego) with Professor Bradley Moore to discover two new enzymes! See publications for more details.

As a synthetic organic chemist, my research is focused on the biomimetic total synthesis of meroterpenoid natural products. This approach allows us to gain an understanding of how these complex molecules are synthesised in nature. Accessing these natural products as well as their intermediates then gives us the opportunity to further investigate their chemical biology and biosynthesis. 

During my candidature I have completed the first ever synthesis of two meroterpenoid natural products, 7-demethylnaphterpin and debromomarinone, following a biomimetic synthetic approach. In collaboration with Prof. Bradley Moore (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD), I was then able to discover two new enzymes responsible for interconverting several of our chemically synthesised biosynthetic intermediates! (Angewandte, 2018)

More recently I have been working a divergent non-biomimetic synthesis towards more members of the naphterpin and marinone families, of which I have accessed 6 so far (Organic Letters, 2019).

My research interests span the fields of synthetic organic chemistry, natural products, biochemistry and biocatalysis.

Lauren has great mentoring experience demonstrating undergraduate chemistry practicals. She has mentored first, second and final year chemistry students in organic and medicinal chemistry subjects.

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    2018 - ongoing Board Member RACI Young Chemists Group (SA) Royal Australian Chemical Institute Australia
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    2016 - ongoing Member Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Australia
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