Lana Tikhomirov

Lana Tikhomirov

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Psychology

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Advancements in AI far outpace research that inform us of their cognitive and decisional influences on humans. Traditional research on human-computer interaction demonstrates the challenges of effective decision-making when combining these two fundamentally different entities. As such, my work resides in the nascent field that combines AI safety, cognitive science, and human factors research for development of effective decisional AI technologies. Specifically, I investigate the impact of medical AI systems from model development to implementation on clinical decision-making. Based at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, my project is an interdisciplinary approach to the design and implementation of AI in high-risk settings. My research aims to inform human-computer interaction research from a cognitive science perspective and provide insight for industries in medical technology. Further, I am interested in ethical AI development to ensure fairness and accountability practices.

I am jointly supervised by Associate Professor Carolyn Semmler (School of Psychology) and Dr. Lauren Oakden-Rayner (School of Medicine/Australian Institute for Machine Learning).  

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