Krzysztof Mrozik

Dr Krzysztof Mrozik

Postdoctoral Researcher

Adelaide Medical School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD (as Co-Supervisor) - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Dr Krzysztof M. Mrozik completed his PhD studies in 2018 at the The University of Adelaide, Australia. His PhD research focused on identifying novel therapeutic targets in the haematological cancer multiple myeloma (MM). These studies identified that targeting of a cell adhesion molecule, N-cadherin, as a mono-therapy, or in combination with the anti-MM agent bortezomib, could potentially delay or prevent MM disease relapse. During his PhD candidature, Dr Mrozik received numerous honours including the Lawrence Catley Memorial Award for Best Abstract at the 2016 National Myeloma Workshop, and he was a 2018 Ross Wishart Memorial Award finalist at the ASMR SA Scientific Meeting. Dr Mrozik was also awarded a Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence.

In July 2018, Dr Mrozik commenced a postdoctoral position in the Myeloma Research Laboratory with Prof. Andrew C.W. Zannettino and Dr Kate Vandyke. To date, Dr Mrozik has co-authored 23 publications, including 8 as first author.

Debilitating drug side effects and disease relapse currently represent major challenges in the therapeutic management of individuals with MM and many other cancers. Dr Mrozik is developing novel strategies, including the use of state-of-the-art nanoparticle systems and vascular-modulating agents, to selectively increase drug delivery to sites of tumour and reduce drug exposure to healthy tissues. He is also investigating strategies to eliminate dormant, therapy-resistant cancer cells in order to delay or prevent MM disease relapse. As a passionate and highly motivated medical researcher, Dr Mrozik’s goal is to palpably improve the quality-of-life and survivorship of individuals with MM and other cancers.

Dr Mrozik's projects in the Myeloma Research Laboratory, based at SAHMRI:

Project 1

Title: Novel approaches for increasing efficacy and decreasing side-effects in the treatment of MM

Description: A major cause of the dose-limiting toxicities associated with many anti-cancer agents is their systemic distribution following administration. Here, we are investigating novel approaches, including state-of-the-art nanoparticles systems and vascular-modulating agents, to selectively increase the delivery of anti-MM drugs with dose-limiting toxicities to MM tumour sites, in order to reduce their debilitating side-effects.

Project 2

Title: MM plasma cell dormancy - 'eradicating the sleeping giant'

Description: The activation of drug-resistant dormant MM cells is thought to play a key role in the inevitable relapse of MM patients following therapy. Here, we are using next-generation single-cell RNA sequencing to identify, and therapeutically target, a population of dormant cancer cells in MM patients, and to identify sub-populations of stromal cells within the bone marrow microenvironment that control MM cell dormancy.

Project 3

Title: The role of stromal cell senescence in MM disease progression  

Description: Ageing represents a significant risk factor for progression from asymptomatic MGUS to active MM, suggesting that age-related cellular changes may promote MM cell proliferation and progression to MM. Here, we are investigating whether stromal cell senescence leads to increased proliferation of clonal MM cells, resulting in the outgrowth of malignant clones and progression to active MM.

Title: Beat Cancer project travel grant 2015: Attendance at the 15th International Myeloma Workshop. Funding scheme: ORG112382: SAHMRI Beat Cancer Project Travel Grant (2015). Mrozik K; Zannettino A

Investigation of periodontal ligament stem cell self-renewal, survival and tissue regeneration in vivo. Funding scheme: 900141: ADRF - Grant (2010). Mrozik K; Gronthos S; Bartold P; Zilm P

Title: Proteomic assessment of mesenchymal stem cells within ovine periodontal ligament and dental pulp. Funding scheme: 900141: ADRF - Grant (2007). Mrozik K; Gronthos S; Bartold P; Zilm P

Title: Proteomic assessment of mesenchymal stem cells within ovine periodontal ligament and dental pulp. Funding scheme: 900141: ADRF - Grant (2006). Mrozik K; Bartold P; Gronthos S; Zilm P


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    2018 - ongoing SAHMRI Research Showcase - 3-Minute Thesis Assessor Conference SAHMRI
    2018 - ongoing Annual Florey Postgraduate Research Conference - Poster Assessor Conference University of Adelaide
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  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: SAHMRI, floor Level 5 South
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